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The mutators listed here were designed specifically for multiplayer games, and won't work in singleplayer.  

To add mutators to a multiplayer game, just click on the Mutators button on the multiplayer game creation screen, and add them from the list just like in singleplayer.

Demonic MP

DemonicMP is the mutator you will want to use to play against the computer.  In the game lobby, they will wait for you to choose a squad first, and then they will fill the rest of the team slots.  Once the game starts, the Demons will play just like a human opponent by capturing objectives, setting and defusing bombs, defending areas, and respawning when they are killed.

Demonic MPx

In 4-player games, a Demon will be your ally.  Use DemonicMPx instead if you don't want a Demon ally on your team.

War Zone MP

Similar to the WarZone mutator for singleplayer, WarZoneMP will add a few more squads to each team.  For human players, the new squads won't be directly under your control, but they will stay in the general area of your main squads that you still command as normal.  They will attempt to assist you in attacking, flanking, and defending, but they cannot pick up objectives or set or defuse explosives.

Blood Zone MP

Just an insane amount of soldiers are spawned into the multiplayer match.  It's bloody and chaotic, maybe not very realistic, but still fun to play.

Deadly Squads MP

DeadlySquadsMP raises the accuracy of the regular soldiers under a player's command to the same level as the US soldiers in singleplayer.  

Try this mutator for a more strategic game that relies on fire and assault teams to do most of the shooting, instead of the players.

Multiplayer Game Tweaks

  • Extend MP Time 20 will extend the match time to 20 minutes.
  • Extend MP Time Infinite will remove any time limits from the match.  To the death!
  • More Lives MP adds a few more respawns to each team, allowing players to be a lot more reckless.  Charge!
  • No Lives MP turns off respawning, for your more authentic, hardcore players.  

Single Player Mutators in Multiplayer

Only the mutators listed above were designed and tested for multiplayer games.  The other mutators will sometimes work in multiplayer, but it depends if you are playing by yourself against the computer (using DemonicMP, for example) or in a network game.

Playing MP against the computer (non-networked)  

You can add almost any of the other mutators from these mods to any non-networked multiplayer game, and they will usually work.  For example, BodyCountWZGravity, and CommandMod should work, whereas BazookaJo and BattleZone will not.  Feel free to send me a list of your own results.

Networked games with other players

Networked games are more complicated and require a lot of code using Unreal's replication framework.  I have not used any of this code in my mods, so that most of the mutators not designed specifically for multiplayer will not function properly.

Reported to work properly in MP (networked)

  • CustomWeapons

Reported not working in MP (networked)

  • BodyCount
  • CommandMod
  • CommandModBasic
  • CommandModHints
  • WZGravity
  • RealTracers
  • RealSights
  • HollywoodFX
  • HollywoodFXLite
  • DeadlySquadsMP (unverified)