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How to Play

Here are some simple instructions to get you started right away.  You can find more information in the mod's ReadMe.

Patch Your Game

If you have the DVD version of the game, the first thing you should do is download and patch your Brothers in Arms game with the official release from UbiSoft.  It's only really necessary for Road to Hill 30, but it's still a good idea to patch Earned in Blood as well.  If you bought the game from Steam, you don't need any patches.

NOTE: You won't be able to update any cracked executables of Brothers in Arms.  You can only patch the original executable.

Download and Install the Mods

You can download the most recent versions of Rendroc's Mods here.  Larger files, such as jMoney's Real Gun Sounds and the Soundtrack Mutator, are hosted at


Installation is for Windows very easy: just unzip the file and run the executable, and it will install itself.  That's it!

Mac OS X

Note: Only the EiB mods for Mac are available at the moment.  RtH30 is still in progress.

Installation for Mac is rather tricky, especially since I don't have a Mac to test it on.  But someone did get it running, and here is how they did it:
  1. Cut/copy the original game data file as a backup
  2. Copy the contents of the original EiB/RtH30 .dmg file to a new folder
  3. Copy the contents of the mod .tgz file to the same folder
  4. Create a new .dmg disk image file using a disk utility (example: Make a DMG File on a Mac)
  5. Install the new .dmg disk image
You can probably manage this much more easily if you are able to use terminal commands.  You might even be able to just copy the relevant files to the proper directory this way, and skip a lot of the above steps.

If you have a better way, a better explanation, or can create an installation script that I can distribute, please let me know!  Mac users across the globe would be eternally grateful.

Play the Game

There are two ways to play Brothers in Arms with these mods: Mutator Selection and Shortcuts.  The recommended way is to add the Mutators manually in the game.

Mutators button in Chapters menu
n-Game Mutator Selection

Mutators in Brothers in Arms

Most of Rendroc's Mods are implemented as Mutators, which are like individual components of the mod that have to be enabled.  For example, you can use Realistic Sights, but you don't have to use the Gravity mod or the Real Tracers mod if you don't want to.

For Singleplayer, the recommended way to activate them use the Mutators button in the Chapters menu (again, patch your Road to Hill 30 if you don't see this), then select and add which ones you want to use.  From there, just go back to the Chapters menu and play the game, or go back one more menu to select Continue if you want to continue a saved game using the mods.   

For Multiplayer, there is a Mutators button in the Multiplayer server setup screen.

Which Mutators to Use?

Definitely add the Command Mod or Command Mod Basic first.  Add Hollywood FX, the Gravity mod, and BodyCount for enhanced graphics and physics.  For more realism, consider Realistic Sights and Real Tracers; and for the truly hardcore: NoHUD.  For ultimate WWII combat mayhem rarely found anywhere else, WarZone or BattleZone are a must!

Windows Shortcuts

There are some Shortcuts installed in your Windows Start menu, in the folder titled "BiA Command Mod".  You can use these to start the game with certain mutators enabled.  

However, if you quit to the Main Menu once you've begun or continued a chapter, the mods will be disabled.  You will either have to add them manually, or exit and restart the game entirely using the Shortcuts again.