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What are Mutators?

Mutators are individual modifications that change something specific in the game, and are usually activated by selecting them from a Mutator Menu. Mutators often have a specific function, such as adding realistic sights, or changing the gravity.

They are like most mods, but you can control which Mutators you actually want to use very easily, since only the Mutators you select will be enabled. For example, if you only want to use the Command Mod and Realistic Sights, you can just enable those in your game, all of the rest of the mutators will remain deactivated.

Adding Mutators In-Game

This is the simplest way to enable Mutators in Brothers in Arms.  For Singleplayer games, in the Chapters Menu, there is a Mutators option in the lower left corner.  Multiplayer games have a Mutators button in the Multiplayer server setup screen.  (For Road to Hill 30, you will only see this option if you have the latest official patch installed.)

Simply add each mutator that you want with the Add Mutator button, and when you're done selecting your mutators, click Back and then either select a Chapter or select Back again to Continue a saved game.

How to Add Mutators Using the Menus

Using CustomMutators.ini

For more advanced users, you can edit the CustomMutators.ini file in your Brothers In Arms\System directory.  Once you've selected your preferred mutators in the CustomMutators.ini file, you only have to add the CustomMutators mutator to your game, and all of your mutators will be loaded automatically for you.  You can also use the Play BiA Custom Mutators shortcut in your Windows Start menu.  See the ReadMe for more documentation.