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This is my little piece of the Internet dedicated to the Divine Miss B.
I began sewing for dolls when I was just a kid, and had always tried to make my own fabulous outfits for my dolls as we could never afford the fancy ones that my heart yearned for, but I had no idea that there were people out there actually daring to customize Miss Barbie until I moved to Florida (from Alberta, Canada).  My husband bought me a subscription to Barbie Bazaar and I discovered what wonderful things could be done with a little bit of paint and some clever sewing.  Ever since, I have been customizing Barbie dolls every spare moment and have slowly branched out more and more, until I can reroot hair, root lashes, paint faces, craft jewelry, sew costumes and even mold entirely new heads for my dolls!  Having lately discovered the wonderful bargains in loose, played-with dolls that can be found on eBay, I am now rapidly running out of space and have begun to try to sell some of these unique creations.  I hope that you enjoy browsing my webpage, and please feel free to check out my dolls for sale!