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Sunday Crew Lessons

Ready to fine-tune your sweep rowing technique?

Sunday Crew is a sweep technique class taught by Jenifer Aguirre. We take out a 4+ or an 8+ each week.

Rowing with a small crew in a relaxed, Sunday setting means time for individual attention, and a deeper look at all parts of the stroke. We meet at 8:15am on Sundays and row until 10am.   The fee is $15 per session.

If you are interested in joining a class please sign in below or contact Larissa Gaston @ larissa_gaston@yahoo.com.

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Here is a timeline for a typical morning with the Sunday Crew:

8:15:    We circle up in the boatyard
             We get oars down
             Choose a boat, and bring it to the water

8:30:    Coach Jen makes the line-ups on the dock
             Oars across, get in the boat, and launch

~On the Water~

10:00:  Back at the dock!


Breakfast (optional, but awesome fun):  We decide between La Tartine or Pamplemousse

"you have to feel like you're moving the boat every stroke, not the oar"

"in a race when you have nothing left, you will have only your technique to fall back on"

"the finish is the most poignant part of the stroke"

re: colassal barge approaching launch boat  while Jen had her back to it "I see it . . . and if I didn't, every one of your faces is telling me a story right now"