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Be Safe! Fog and Cold Weather Precautions

posted Jan 15, 2013, 10:50 PM by Patricia Worthington

Hi all,

Please review aquatic safety recommendations at BIAC:

Fog:  100 meters visibility (our ramp to Docktown boats), this is a USRowing rule; fog can quickly roll in!  If you are caught in the fog, make noise so others can hear you, and stay to shore.  Include a whistle and cell phone as part of your standard equipment.  

Cold weather: BIAC follows the "100 Degree Rule": if the air + water temperature is less than 100 degrees (Fahrenheit), you should stay on land and use the ergs, run, lift weights, or cycle.  Current water temperature  is 47 degrees.  If you do row during these cold 40-something degree days, be very cautious:  
  • Row with a buddy, and stay together.  
  • Stay close to the boathouse, to quickly get back to a warm shower if you flip.  
  • Carry a cell phone in a waterproof pouch, attached to the boat.  
  • Bring an extra layer (e.g. wind breaker) in case of an incident. 

Ice on Ramp/Docks:  Use salty bay water to de-ice the ramps and docks, it is very easy to slip and injure yourself.  Buckets and broom are on the dock.

Row to be seen & heard:  Bow/Stern lights are required in dark or twilight conditions.  Wear reflective and/or bright clothing.  Carry a whistle if there is chance of fog. 

Log out/in:  All members should log out and in for all private and BIAC boats.  Logs are in the log shack for coxless boats, on shelf above the cox boxes for coxed boats.  

We had an incident on the water Friday in which two scullers were rowing together for safety.  One turned back, believing the other sculler was aware of the change of plans.  While both returned safely, the sculler who was unaware of the change of plans searched for a long time for his partner, and eventually called 911, fearing his partner was in trouble.  The Police Department, Fire Department, and Port all responded quickly and searched the area from the water and from a high silo at the Port, finally determining that the rower had safely returned.  

Be smart and be safe - stay on land on cold days!  If you row, be extremely cautious, have a good plan and backup plans, follow it, and communicate if you must change your plans. 


Warning - poles in Smith Slough!

posted Jan 15, 2013, 10:49 PM by Patricia Worthington

Hi all,

An update on Corkscrew & Smith Slough construction:

There are PVC pipes running down the middle of the slough on the way to the airport - it would be easy to catch one with your oar, and they don't bend as the ones we had a few years ago.  Be careful!

Corkscrew construction will be complete in about a week, and they are very close to breaching Middle Bair Island.  When Corkscrew construction is over, they will start work on the Smith Slough constrictor (the waterway along the airport), and we won't have access to that area until it is complete, probably in spring.  During Smith Slough construction, you'll have to head towards the Port. Unfortunately, we do not anticipate being able to hold the Corkscrew regatta this year.

Interested in an all club crab fest?  To help make this happen, contact me at president@gobair.org!  Mike Martinez held a big crab fest for all the junior paddlers taking the fall classes - lets do the same for BIAC members!  

Congratulations to Dan Mannisto, whose photo from the BIAC regatta was posted on Row2k's  Picture of the Day on November 28. 

Joy of Sculling Convention, primarily for coaches, February 8-10 in Redwood Shores.  $250 for registration by Dec 31, higher after that.

Scullers - to keep informed on sculling clinics, workouts etc.  please sign up for the biac-sculler's moderated list.  


Note: any BIAC questions, any time - contact info@gobair.org (which goes to the treasurer and president)  

Photos and articles - masters and juniors, rowers and paddlers!

posted Jan 15, 2013, 10:48 PM by Patricia Worthington

Hi all,

More great BIAC regatta photos at BIAC albums - thanks to Dan Mannisto, David Madison, Heidi Schley, John Young and others for taking and sharing the photos!  

Our new junior paddling program was a big hit, with 23 kids paddling in outrigger canoes (OC6s, V3s), and stand up paddle boards.  The BIAC Master paddlers bought T shirts for all the juniors, updating our logo by using a paddle in place of an oar.  The kids finished the program with a race out of Half Moon Bay at the WaveChaser race - 7 weeks and already on the ocean!  The adults and kids were delighted to be invited for a crab feed and a chance for the parents to paddle a bit as well.  Photos here.

Nice article here from the Palo Alto Weekly on Norcal and executive director, Allison Frykman - congratulations, Allison and Norcal! 


Do you have extra (low power) binoculars we can put in the regatta gear boxes?  It will make it easier for observers for future regattas. 

Board meeting Wednesday, Dec. 12 6:15 pm at Pat's home, 940 Addison Ave, Palo Alto (between 934 and 938!)  Note the new location for this month - it gets cold for meetings!  Agenda here

Enjoy the end of season break!


Regatta photos and video!

posted Jan 15, 2013, 10:47 PM by Patricia Worthington

Hi All,

Congratulations to all for a very well run regatta!!!  The months of preparation paid off, with smooth registration, popular booths, a plethora of raffle options, new food options, a new course banner with photos showing the bridges, and lots of juniors competing!   We discovered there are some timing discrepancies, but we believe that we have enough duplicated data and dedicated volunteers to verify and correct the timings next week, when everyone returns from the Thanksgiving vacations.  Thank you for your patience - you will be getting your medals, and we'll mail the medals for the other clubs.  If you know people from the other clubs, please let them know that we intend to get the results right, and as quickly as we can.

Many of Regatta photos are up on our gallery, and more are at Full set (2049 photos, technical issues getting them all transferred to the BIAC gallery).  Thanks to Dan Mannisto for taking and uploading these photos!  If you have more photos to contribute, see uploading details at https://sites.google.com/site/biacmemberinfo/photos

Video highlighting our novice team and a short article from San Mateo Patch - check it out!

Log your volunteer hours at https://sites.google.com/site/biacmemberinfo/volunteer-hours-form  We truly appreciate  for your help at the regatta, and elsewhere at the club!  Other than coaches, a bookkeeper, and basic janitorial services, this is an all volunteer organization, so we really depend on each other, for small and big tasks - thanks for pitching in!  Special thanks for our regatta coordinators, Nancy Brown and Vangie Crump, for the very successful regatta, and Mike Martinez, for his decade of service trailering our launches to the site, placing all those buoys Saturday, retrieving them all Sunday, and trailering the launches back - a two day process that often makes him the last person leaving the venue Sunday night.


Norcal is running a free three-week team trial for 6-12th grades, November 26th-December 14th. There are fliers on the credenza in the entry, and a digital version on the BIAC Google Site   Please spread the word!

Norcal is also in the middle of their annual fundraiser: the erg-a-thon.  The event itself will be December 2nd at Fremont Park in Menlo Park from 8 am - 2 pm.  Anyone is welcome to stop by, and you can donate online: https://www.piggybackr.com/norcal/erg-a-thon Please support our juniors!!!

Are you handy with small home projects?  We need to replace the window in the bathroom and install the automatic closing mechanism for the doors.  We'll provide the parts, but we don't have the expertise to install them...  Please contact John jtyoung5@yahoo.com if you can help. 

Work continues on the constrictor in Corkscrew Slough - the work took longer than anticipated due to unpredictable soils / mud.  When that constrictor is complete, work will start on Smith Slough, near Pete's Harbor and on the way to the airport.  We won't be able to hold the Corkscrew Regatta this December, but it is possible that we can hold it the end of January.  We'll keep you updated as the work progresses.

Work on pile driving is ongoing near Wharves 1 & 2.  That shouldn't affect your rowing, but keep alert for the huge white balls in the water nearby, which are moved frequently .  You can row next to them, since they are tethered directly below, but they are made of heavy metal, so don't try to row into them!

Reminder - Buzz Congram, a long-time renowned rowing coach is giving a sculling clinic at BIAC, Sunday 2nd December 8am - 3pm, $200, limited to 6 participants.  See Aisha,  feliceaisha@hotmail.com, for details and to sign up.

Battery and Florescent Light Disposal @BIAC: Please dispose of all batteries (alkaline, lithium, cadmium, car batteries etc) in the white bucket that is located on the floor in the boathouse entry. Do not dispose of batteries in the regular trash, the large debris bin, or the recycling containers. The batteries that are placed in the white bucket are taken once a month to the R-ecology waste management facility in San Carlos and are properly disposed of. In addition florescent lights contain Mercury and as a result also need to be disposed of properly ( i.e. not in regular trash or recycling).  Leave any expired lights close to the battery bucket for proper disposal.
Thank you for your support for this BIAC wide program. Winking smile
Susan Rowinski

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


21st BIAC Fall Regatta

posted Jan 15, 2013, 10:46 PM by Patricia Worthington

Greeting Members of BIAC, Norcal, and Friends of BIAC 
What a day we had for the 21st BIAC Fall Regatta!  Mother Nature gave us clear skies, flat water, and California sunshine.  The participants were energized and ready to race.  The vendors were ready to sell their delicious sweets, tacos, burritos, and of course BIAC had warm coffee and fresh bagels ready.  Jamba Juice arrived just in time to sell their frosty drinks when the rowers were hot and thirsty.
Highlights of the regatta:
  • More juniors and more energy!  Thanks to the juniors for competing at the BIAC Fall Regatta!
  • Palmer College of Chiropractic West provided myofascial release and body adjustment to our participants and guests. Palmer College says they’ll be back to help us out next year – we’ll be ready *:) happy
  • El Tonayense taco truck ran out of rice and beans!  The experiment was a big success and the Chef wants to return with even more food next year… 
  • Studio Cake provided hundreds of yummy cupcakes to complement our morning coffee, noon lunch, and afternoon tea – and had more to give to deserving Norcal coaches. Thanks!
  • The expanded raffle was very popular, with over 250 tickets sold and over a dozen prizes given away.   
  • We had 5 US Rowing Referees this year, with John Holt providing valuable tips for next year’s regatta.
  • The numbers: 170 entries, over 700 seats going down the water – we estimate there were 530 participants.
Most important on Regatta Day, demonstrating the energy, enthusiasm, flexibility to take on any task during the many days, many weeks, and many months before the regatta, is You, the Volunteers.  So with this said, we want to Thank You each of you.
Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving,
Vangie Crump and Nancy Brown

Head of the Charles/Volunteer Hours

posted Jan 15, 2013, 10:41 PM by Patricia Worthington

Hi all,

Congratulations to the participants at Head of the Charles!  Amazing show with several 4th place winners - Aisha Chow (1x, 30+), Adrienne Moore (8+, 50+, Masters Coaching), and NorCal 4+: Miles Bowman(cox), Jesse Rhodes, Patrick Winnett, Alec Fishman, and James Hindery.  Wow!!!

And outstanding showing for our other teams:
Parent/Child event: Sweitzer/Pam Sweitzer
NorCal Women 4+ 14 out 85 teams: Kasandra Johnson (cox), Hailey Miller, Maddy Baum, Laura May and Victoria Santiago
NorCal Women 2x 13 out of 39 teams: Katie Kelly and Makayla Karr-Warner
NorCal Men: 8+  40 out of 85 teams: Christian St.Claire (Cox), Michael Hindery-Nelson, Louis Barry, Jaisel Sandhu, Chris Skokowski, Adam Marquardt, Evan Glessner, Will Carhart and Markus Burns.  This is a very young crew, with primarily sophomores and two juniors.  

Terrific start to the year!!!

Volunteer hours:

In addition to the opportunity to earn volunteer hours at the upcoming BIAC Regatta on 11/18, we are having a work day at the club, Saturday, November 10, 2012 9 - 11 am.  It's a great chance to meet some of the folks you only see on the water and make the club look a little nicer.  On that Saturday Mark and the his crew will lead everyone on some or all of the following tasks:

1) Create/buy new steps for the singles racks and paint the older ones for night visibility
2) Repair the new rub rail around the Aero dock-the Whalers have rubbed off about 10 feet of the rail and it needs to be better secured
3) Work on singles:  Gentle cleaning of Poli-glowed hulls (weather permitting), removal of rust stains & accumulated salt on riggers/bolts&nuts, and inspection of boats for problems.
4) Sleeve replacement for the sculling oars (expertise permitting)
5) Place more concrete hold downs for the boat racks
6) Fence work in the south lot-volunteers for this project need to bring their own carpentry tools and know a bit about fence work
7) Placing some fill in the south lot
8) The usual clean up of trash, pruning etc.
There's something for everyone!  Painting, washing, gardening, carpentry and playing with concrete-just like a regular Saturday at home!
If you have any questions contact Mark Greenough @ mgreenough@greenoughgroup.com or (650) 548-6900 ext 201, or for work on sculling equipment (#3 & # 4), contact Aisha Chow,feliceaisha@hotmail.com 

Board meeting Monday Nov 19, 6:15pm, location tbd.  Please remember to vote  - you should have received an email from Survey Monkey.  If not, please see Jana Comstock, janacomstock@gmail.com.

The BIAC advanced team will be attending the Nov 4th 2012  Head of the Lake Regatta in Seattle. They will be taking 2-3 BIAC singles, a double, all three quads, and many sets of oars.  Theboats and oars will be unavailable Nov 1 - 5, Thursday - Monday.  

Sculling lessons for experienced rowers:  Aisha writes: Buzz Congram , a long-time renowned rowing coach (www.rowskills.comalso see resume from the biac-scullers email list), will be in the Bay Area in late November/early December. He will be hosting private lessons at Marin. If there is interest, he would be happy to also conduct private lessons and/or a rowing clinic at BIAC. I actually recently had a sculling session with Buzz and found it immensely helpful! So, if you are looking to advance your sculling/rowing skills and/or were bummed about missing the last BIAC rowing clinic back in February, here's another chance for some great coaching! If interested, e-mail me directly (rather than responding to the group). If you know of folks not on the team or scullers e-mail lists, feel free to forward this invitation.  Contact Aisha,  feliceaisha@hotmail.com

For more information - and to be informed about sculling issues in general - please join the sculling email list by going to https://groups.google.com/group/biac-scullers?hl=en and joining the list.  

Upcoming regattas: Head of the American Sat 10/27, Head of the Lake (Seattle) 11/4, Head of the Lagoon, 11/11, Fall Regatta, 11/18 - many of the boats will be unavailable for the weekends until Thanksgiving.  Corkscrew will not be held in at the traditional time, due to construction in the sloughs.  Please reserve sculling boats and pairs at https://sites.google.com/site/biacmemberinfo/home/scullers-group/boat-reservation  

Go Bair!!!


Two modulars arriving Monday!!!

posted Jan 15, 2013, 10:38 PM by Patricia Worthington

Hi all,

We expect to receive two 24 x 60 modulars Monday evening!!!  Woo - hoo!!!  We are still doing due diligence on the company we're purchasing them from, and we're working on the possible layouts.  We're holding off on the fencing, which had been scheduled for this week; we want to install the modulars first!  

PortFest is Saturday!  See the City Council boat battle with the Commissioner's boat!  We have a new entry for Foster City & San Mateo, and we may have additional races, in OC-6 (6 person outrigger canoes) for races with the Police Department, all starting 9am!  The best viewing for the finish line is on a pier in front of the bandstand.  Full schedule at PortFest Schedule

This is the regatta season, so if you plan to reserve a BIAC sculling boat, or trailer space for a regatta, see the info and deadlines at Sculling boat reservation  

Fall is here, and many of us are rowing while it is still dark.  Make sure you have good lights, be aware of the increased congestion now that students, both high school and Stanford, are back rowing.  Please be quick on the docks, and avoid launching 6:40-7:00 am, when many team boats are docking.  Please read the short article on "Log, Light, and stay Right" - Log, Light and Stay Right There are many options for lights for rowing; BIAC's teams use Nav lights .  Mike Sullivan notes that the Club has gotten better about using lights - great to hear that!   

Reminder - please use reusable water bottles if possible, and recycle bottles if you can't reuse them.  The recycling bins are blue, please don't place recyclables in the garbage bins.  Pass that message on;-)! 
Also, Sue Rowinski recycles batteries of all kinds and even florescent lights!  Please put your used batteries in the pail by the black credenza in the entryway.

Next Saturday, October 13, is OktoberRun, with some runners going past BIAC, and others making a U turn near our South Lot.  Expect runners between 8:00 and 9:30am - see http://www.oktoberun.com/

Our board meeting for October is Tuesday, Oct 9, 6:15 pm at BIAC.  This is a different date than usual, or as documented in last month's minutes.   The agenda is at 
October 9 Agenda - there are some technical gliches on the agenda page on the Google Site.  

Go Bair!!!


A fun paddling day on Sunday- 2012 Na Wahine O Ke Kai

posted Jan 15, 2013, 10:34 PM by Patricia Worthington

The World Championships of Outrigger paddling was yesterday for the Women’s Division.  Check out some of these links to see what the ladies had to deal with just to get to the start. A very large shore break right at the mouth of Hale O Lono Harbor. The only way to be in the race is that you had to get through this. 72 teams tried, a few did not make it.

The Men’s race is in two weeks.



Long time member,  Kathy Palzewic-Jensen was on team Ocean 10 that placed 10th overall. Kathy now lives in Michigan, but continues to paddle with our program for some of the major races.



http://www.khon2.com/news/local/story/Waves-wreak-havoc-on-Na-Wahine-O-Ke-Kai-race/v08qko2Az0KnU92JA-eHoQ.cspx Check out images. Apparently the windows blew out on the chase boat after this wave.


http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151263175592578  Video of the pics above.




Mike Martinez

BIAC Annual Meeting Sept 22, election for Board members delayed

posted Jan 15, 2013, 10:33 PM by Patricia Worthington

Hello BIAC members: 

As you know, there were technical issues with the link sent for online 
balloting which has rendered us unable to vote for new Board members. 
We will, therefore, not have election results at the annual meeting 
tomorrow.  Still, there is lots more to discuss and you are highly 
encouraged to attend!! 

Please join us all at the Sequoia Yacht Club at 9:00a.m 

BIAC Annual Meeting, Sept 22, 2012 


2011/2012 Updates 
Financials (and 2012/2013 Budget) 
Year in Review 
Special Thank Yous 
Priorities for Upcoming Year 
South Lot/Future Foundation 
Discussion, Q&A-- 

Thank you, 
Julie King 
BIAC member, nominating committee 

New public program at BIAC!

posted Sep 21, 2012, 3:04 PM by Patricia Worthington

Hi all, 

Lots of changes this month - the end of the season for paddlers, and the 
beginning of the head races for rowers.  The kids are back, with a *new 
Introduction to Paddling for 6-8th grades*, a nominal fee program in the 
Redwood City After School Sports.  Classes start Tuesday for middle 
schoolers, and classes through the* SAFE program for Sequoia High 
School*starts Thursday!    NorCal and Serra teams are back, and BIAC 
had a record 
turn out for the last Learn to Row class, sending out three 8+!  Thanks to 
Mike Martinez, Julie Powelson and Vicky Bialas for coordinating the 
Paddling and Learn to Row programs!  The boatyard is bustling! 

*The annual meeting is Saturday, 9am,* with a *board meeting tomorrow 
(Monday) 6:15pm at BIAC.*  Agenda at 

*Construction continues at Corkscrew, and is closed to traffic. * The plan 
for Smith Slough's constrictor has been changed, and the "BIAC plan" is 
being replicated for what was a very narrow access, no longer requiring us 
to go through a 100 year old twisty course in Inner Bair Island.  Bottom 
line - good news for BIAC, after the construction we should be able to row, 
carefully, through our current channel!  Estimated end of constrictor 
construction is between mid-December and mid-February. 

Reminders:  Scullers using club boats - *always re-rack the flyweight 
boats, F1 and F2, in the bottom 3 racks* - our flyweight rowers can't reach 
the top 2 racks.  In general, if you aren't sure where the boat was racked, 
put it back in the higher accessible location.  We shorter rowers panic 
when we return and discover the only empty slot is too high to re-rack! 

*Reservations for club singles are available now* for the Wine Country 

The City of Redwood City, in partnership with BIAC, submitted a $70,000 
grant request to build new public floating docks and a kayak/stand up 
paddle board rental facility in the South Lot next year.  If accepted, *BIAC 
will be providing public programs and running a rental facility next summer 
*- big steps for BIAC!  Work will begin soon on installing a tall light 
pole, including trenching work to provide electricity to our future 
modular. Learn more about all these changes at the annual meeting this 

*Another new rack,* for 8+, was completed, led by Boy Scout and NorCal 
rower, Jaisel Sandhu.  Most of the parts are recycled from old racks, or 
other non-BIAC projects!  One more 8+ rack will be ready in October, ending 
months of work on the new racks.  Thanks to Jerry Pierce for taking this 
from design&implementation to teaching&photography. 

*Demolition begins tomorrow at the corner of Maple and Blomquist, at the 
new jail site. * We don't expect this will cause any problems at BIAC, but 
let me know if it does. 

Three weeks before PortFest!  Construction on Wharves 1 & 2 begins soon, 
and will continue throughout 2013.  The annual* Port report and news* is at 

Go Bair!!! 


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