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You may have heard lots about the locally relevant Tsechu festival. Now it is the time to have a firsthand experience of the most celebrated occasion. On a yearly basis, the celebration takes place in the different monasteries of Bhutan. The different districts are found playing an active part to convey the core quintessence of the Tsechu festivity. The Tibetan calendar is taken into the consideration, and the tenth day is fixed up for giving an expression to the festive spirit.

Insight into the Tsechu

The Himalayan kingdom comes to the life with the Cham dances. To catch a glimpse of the festivity and the colourful vibrancy, you should cash in on the specially packaged Bhutan festival tours with Bhutan Mahayana Tours. The fervent festivity takes place during the springtime. In this context, it is worth taking note of the district wise discrepancies. The timing is not similar. In Paro, as well as in Punacha; Tsechu celebration takes place during the spring. But the capital Thimpu has a different time slot. Over there, the celebration generally takes place during the season of the fall.

Two major occasions

There is one more festive occasion that merits your attention. In fact, as a tourist, you should make a list of the major occasions that include the package of the Bhutan festival tours. In that way, you will stand the best chance to spearhead a plan that coincides with the celebration of Tsechu or the festival of Dochula. While the former occasion upholds the glories of the scholarly saint by the name of Padmasambhava; the latter celebrates the core essence of the regions cultural and the monarchical traditions. As an outsider, what is worth noting is that both the occasions serve as the platform for common social bonding. The Festival ofChortenkora that takes place at Tashiyangtse serves as an ideal occasion for cherishing the regal traditions. Bhutan boasts of a tradition that goes back into the distant past.

Collect facts and figures

You can go through the link http://www.bhutanmahayanatours.com/festivals.html to find out how each of the festivity has a unique side to reveal about the cultural and traditional heritage of the mysteriously poignant Himalayan territory. The so-called festival tours are uniquely different from the rest, in the sense that you can relish and savour the essential spirit of the region. It is one thing to hear stories and read the details on the net, and yet another to catch a direct glimpse of the “Bhutanese Way of Living”. Besides, it is not possible to understand the uniqueness, unless you are there in the middle, in tune with the flowing flux of festivity.

Log online to know the details

So, if you are culturally oriented and are desirous of availing of the Bhutan festival tours; you shouldn’t waste a minute. Just take an online plunge, and get a hang of the details. The Himalayan territory is supposed to be one of the safest nooks for travelling. Secondly, you may be lucky enough to avail of the discounted packages that are offered from the time to time. If you are on the prowl; you will surely end up locating one of the most affordable festival packages. The fact that you have the online booking option comes as another ace of an advantage.