Speak Out - Make A Difference


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Speak Out is a MAKE A DIFFERENCE (MAD) youth volunteer network initiative spread across Cochin, Pune and Chennai.



Abandoned children growing up in orphanages with barely sufficient facilities hardly realize that a much bigger world with a zillion unexplored opportunities exists outside their little niche. Once this awareness dawns on them, the fear of being under par thwarts them from realizing their true potential.

In today's world, confident interaction and effective communication are important keys to survival. Empowering children by improving their communication and inter-personal skills would help them face life's challenges with confidence and conviction. Honing their English language skills fuels this process, paving the way to higher studies and better employment. 


Under this programme, children are grouped into batches depending on their existing levels of proficiency in English. The children advance from one level to another as their language skills improve.

Levels: Basic, Intermediary, Advanced

Duration: 1 year

Contents: Interactive courses with fun-filled activities and games to improve the participating children's grammar, vocabulary and articulation skills.


How you can help

Spend just two hours a week (pick a day and time you find convenient) at an orphanage near you with BHUMI's volunteers, teaching destitute children English. Lack of experience in teaching need not be a deterrent, as experts from the Teacher Trainers (affiliated to the Cambridge University, UK) will train you in the course and to handle the children. Join us now!



Ongoing at:

· Anbu Karangal, Thiruvanmiyur

· HOPE Foundation, Sembakkam


Planned implementation from the academic year 2008-2009 at:

· Government Childrens Home for Girls, Kellys

· Community Home, Pallavaram

· Community Home, Thirumulaivoyil

· Jeroham Orphanage, Madipakkam

· SAC Dr.P.V. Rao High School, R.A. Puram