Allergy Alert: Nuts, Peanut Butter, and Nut Extracts, Pork and Pork Products, Shrimp and other shellfish
Please avoid handling or sharing these items before or during troop events as they may cause life threatening Anaphylaxis Shock.

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A few thoughts on what scouting offers.... 
Whatever you put into it. 
It is your program, make it the best. 

The opportunity is there. 
What do you want to earn with it?

"A scout is thrifty." 
Meaning a Scout works to pay his way and to help others. 
He saves for unforeseen needs. 
He protects and conserves natural resources. 
He carefully uses time and property.
This is just one part of the scout law and 
represents one of the values passed on to each scout.

If you love adventure and friendships, you are in the right place 
whether you are a boy or an adult willing to dedicate your time
to the community and help provide opportunities of growth in a 
safe caring environment for youth. Opportunity is knocking and 
the door is open. We hope to see you inside.

Need more family time?
Boy, have we got a deal for you!
Come give us a try.

Life’s Not Fair

Posted on October 22, 2013 • Posted in blog • Tagged fairLawopportunityScout Oath

I have said it before on this blog that stories or themes seem to come in bunches.  And so it seems that the recurring theme as of late at least around me is that Life is not fair.  Well, I keep hearing it, at work, in Scouts, and at my sons school, in particular the football team.
I keep hearing that “it’s not fair that my son does not get playing time”, “I never get a good vacation”, “I don’t understand why some Scouts get a lot of merit badges and some don’t”.  We guess what… Life’s not fair and it’s not meant to be.  Think about it for a minute… do we want it to be fair?  I want folks to have equal opportunities to be successful, but fair?  I’m not so concerned with the idea that everything should be given.
I recently tweeted that the best verb in our language is “EARNED”.  We all have the opportunity to earn.  We have the opportunity to win a spot on the team, we have the opportunity to earn those merit badges, we have the opportunity to earn our way to a better vacation.  That is fair.
Our society has gotten so used to having things given that it has lost it’s will to earn.
To many people have forgotten that fairness only works when we earn.  It’s all about opportunity and having that chance.  That chance equals fair.
Bill Gates, Phil Knight, and Ross Perot all earned what they have, they were not given anything but opportunity.
The difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution was the American’s faught for liberty while the French faught for equality.  I would rather have liberty and have a chance for opportunity than equality and have everything the same.  Our nation proclaims that all men are created equal.  That I believe.. we are equal in the fact that we all were created with the opportunity to be successful… what you do with that is up to you.If you choose to waste it that you will get what you get.  No vacation, No merit badges, and no spot on the team.
Life is not fair?  Nope, Life is fair… you just have to do something with your opportunity.
Scouting provides these life lessons and we need to be reinforcing those values.  A quick look at the Oath and Law will show us that we need to take the opportunity to live those values and in turn be successful.  The Oath and Law will lead you to earning those things in life that are important and they will open doors of opportunity.  They are not given, they are earned.  And that is fair.

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Have a Great Scouting Day! 

2013- Preparing to Leave for Summer Camp.
They sure do grow a lot in a single year.

Welcome to Bar Harbor Boy Scout Troop 89

Thank you for visiting our website (http://bhtroop89.org). Please check out the various pages of our site by using the navigation bar on the upper left. To visit the Cub Scout web-site please click on the following link: http://sites.google.com/site/cubscoutpack89barharborme/home

About Us
We are a local Boy Scout Troop located in Bar Harbor, Maine. We are now meeting Sunday nights, except holidays and when scout trips also fall on the same weekend, from 6 PM to 7:30 PM at the American Legion George Edwin Kirk Post 25, 70 Cottage Street, Bar Harbor, ME. Newcomers interested in joining the scout program are welcome year round. Join us and bring a friend too if you like, we love new members and appreciate having a good hearty sized group of boys to carry on the scouting tradition.
We try to go on troop outings at least once every month. We go camping in July at Camp Roosevelt, the Katahdin Area Boy Scout Camp in Eddington, Maine. The troop attends the Katahdin Area Council spring and fall camporees plus the winter chill out. We also plan our annual November Blackwoods camping trip as well as other fun outings. Out of State camping trips are typically April vacation every other year. Trips and food are an added fee, not all but most are $10-15. Scouts can earn money towards personal expenses and gear by selling camp cards and popcorn. Every scout family is expected to participate in the annual tree sales in November and December manning 3-4 short shifts each or as required by troop membership count to provide adequate coverage. Tree sales and other fundraising efforts help cover many expenses acquired in our travels, chartering fees, court of honors, advanced training, meeting activities and supplies, partial camperships when they can be afforded, and ordinary things like patches when new ranks and merit badges are earned. While that might not sound very exciting, it certainly is. 

We don't get anywhere unless we earn it and we are proud of it but we also thank the community for the generous support for our program by purchasing trees, wreaths, popcorn, camp cards, supporting our car washes, and donating individual time, scholarships, and facilities for the betterment of our scouts. The scouting tradition relies on community support and volunteerism to help create opportunities for youth to enjoy and grow through the scout program. It is through the continued support of several area organizations, businesses, and individuals that keep the scout program alive and affordable for those in our community.

Scouts involve lots of hands on learning while working towards completing advancements and acquiring leadership skills. Family members and other interested caring adults have volunteer opportunities by sharing skills helping to complete rank advancements or specialty areas that help complete merit badges. One of the favorite things our scouts like to do is play games so we include group activities during each of our meetings often allowing learning or group challenges in a fun way. 

We also have potluck family gatherings when possible to celebrate individual progress and enjoy comradery. Come join us while we learn new things. Adult volunteers are welcome and positions are always available for merit badge councilors, those willing to provide transportation, committee members, and other roles. Grow together and get involved with the fun whether it is for a half day car wash, selling ice cream or baked goods, a community service project, dropping kids off at camp, teaching a merit badge class, or a more active role in scouting. Help us as we strive to keep the "outing" in "scouting." Scouting is a volunteer organization and volunteers make delivering a quality program possible. We thank all those willing to contribute their time and knowledge towards making our local scout program better for those we serve, their families, and our community. You don't have to know a thing about camping or even like the outdoors, there is still something for everyone.
Over the years we have had several scouts earn their eagle rank and continue to take pride in our scouts striving towards this goal. We hope every scout becomes an eagle scout and realize family support and encouragement helps greatly. The more parental involvement, the more progress, the more excitement we all share.

Visitors are welcome to attend a meeting to see if scouting interests them. Come share the fun. For more information, contact Scoutmaster Mike Gurtler at mikegurtler@roadrunner.com


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