Welcome to BHS Summer Edcamp

This summer Burlington High School will be offering weekly technology and learning edcamps every Tuesday. The edcamp model is driven by conversation and is a democratic forum. An edcamp is not a lecture or a meeting, but an engaging forum that expands upon a focused topic. The technology and learning edcamps are voluntary and will focus on technology integration and new and emerging approaches to learning. All are invited to participate, present, and share. 

Each week we will offer three sessions throughout the day and allow for optional sessions throughout the day. An optional session can be started by anyone in attendance and can be in the form of a prepared presentation or simply develop around a question. 

On the left hand side bar you will see dates listed. Each date link will contain an archive of collaborative notes taken during each edcamp Tuesday session. These docs can be accessed at any time and leverage our ability to learn as a community. 

If you still have questions about the edcamp model have a look at this video.  

An edcamp overview

edcamp Tuesday help desk

Check this calendar for upcoming events about edcamp Tuesdays. If you click on the embedded links on the calendar you can see what offerings will be available each Tuesday.