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3D back to the past

Savanny Savath
Opinion Editor 
Was it worth it once the lights started to dim to an utterly dark room? The boy was becoming paranoid, but the anxiety remained elevated. Then it just happened in quick succession, scene after scene.
Bright lights, explosions, blue human-like creatures with tails jumping across a magical world of glowing trees. But it never happened.

A sad realization empowered him. It wasn’t worth it. He walked out with empty pockets, feeling robbed of the next big thing: 3D.

3D is not a new thing. It just came back. Ever since James Cameron released Avatar (2009) in a mind-blowing display of 3D at its all time best, movie-goers and film makers were convinced 3D was worth the extra money.

Avatar (3D) cost about $500 million to make and grossed about $2.8 billion worldwide. Then upcoming movies lined up in the 3D franchise.
3D tickets also increased by 8.3% at box offices nationwide, but 2D tickets were kicked to the side at an increase of just 4%.

The question is: does the quality and experience of 3D movies amount to the expensive ticket prices?

Absolutely not. “It’s too much. An adult’s ticket is $10, but to see it in 3D is $13.50, so why pay the higher amount for the same movie? Those extra dollars add up,” concession stand worker at Spartan 16, senior Eli Mitchell said.

3D doesn’t achieve to what it claims to offer. The movie does not pop out in people’s faces. If anything, 3D can be easily confused with the 2D version, aside from the constant reminder of black glasses on your face. 

Senior Lauren Ziegler exclaimed, “The whole time I was just miserable because my head hurt so bad. After I got out, I said I’d never go again!”
However, many other movie-goers love and enjoy the uprising move of 3D.
“3D is cool. I enjoyed the special effects in Transformers 3. It’s worth the money. If you got the extra money, it’s something you can enjoy,” Coach Geoff Turner said.   
As long as people spend money to watch 3D movies that are viewed the same way in 2D, don’t wait for the time when 3D becomes the latest fashion that went wrong.