Inspired By Me!

May 9,2012

Briona Reed

Staff Writer

While in high school, I’ve experienced more than I ever expected. Lessons of love and lost, the ups and downs, extreme happiness and the deepest sadness anyone could ever thought possible. I’ve gained many friends and lost a few as well. Despite all the life lessons in a course of four years, the trials I’ve been through have made me the fun, loving, and nice person I am today.

The biggest lesson I learned while in high school was to ignore what others think. People can be mean at times and some get a rise out of putting others down, I know because I was that person. I was picked on because of how I dressed, how I talked, and my body type. Sometimes it hurt and I would feel insecure about myself but for what? If I love who I am and how my creator made me, then why should I care about what childish people think? Remember that once you graduate, no one will care about how popular you were or what you wore, all that will matter is the diploma you receive.

Be whoever you want to be and own it! So what if others don’t accept you, be yourself and don’t allow anyone to change who you are.