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Healthy or Not?


Amber Jones
Entertainment Editor


There must be a problem.

The human race went from hunters and gathers to “gathering” fast food.

McDonalds. Burger King. Hardee’s. Moe’s. Zaxby’s.

While all those fast food places might taste delicious but many people don’t think of what is actually in the food. It is made up of processed ingredients and milk products. Then made to taste good, the companies add herbs and spices. They also contain artificial colors and preservatives as well as some artificial flavorings just to complete the unhealthy look. And the grease! You can just see it seeping through the wrappers. One touch and already the fat is in your pores.

It causes a rise in blood pressure; the rate of your digestive system slows, weakens your immune system, and reduces the ability for your colon to work properly. And all this, increases your fat storage.

The difference between a home cooked meal and getting a meal from McDonalds is obviously the fats. Home cooked meals usually have less fats and when it comes to fast food, their fats usually end up causing heart disease.

Senior Alyssa Sherrill said, “I eat [fast food] every time I work, and I eat a salad often. I try to avoid it though.”

Just because people shouldn’t eat so much fast food doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy food. It’s a good idea not to eat huge portions and an even better idea to not eat fast food every day.