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Felices Fiestas!, Joyeuses Fêtes!, Trevlig Helg!, веселых праздников, Happy Holidays!

Felices Fiestas!, Joyeuses Fêtes!, Trevlig Helg!, веселых праздников, Happy Holidays!


Shian Spaulding

Features Editor


It starts with the chilly weather.

The first day of cold creeps up on us, and along with it, the holiday spirit.

It’s only November, but we begin to feel ready for lights and decorations, for foods that we have been waiting a year to eat, for time with our friends and family, to carry out traditions, to make new memories that we can add to our collection from years past, and hold onto forever.

Spanish teacher Annie Sinobus is already in the spirit. “After Halloween, I start to get excited for the holidays,” she says.

Junior Julia McAbee is most excited for the food, but she says she isn’t totally in the holiday spirit until she sees her family. 

How are you preparing for the holidays season? Some of us are last minute and some of us are getting ready months ahead.

McAbee celebrates Christmas and Thanksgiving. She has begun to prepare for the holidays by “saving up money.”

Mrs. Sinobus has already planned out her holiday breaks.  For Thanksgiving, she will be spending time at her grandparents’ house, where her whole family gets together. Over winter break, she says, “I’m traveling to Spain to spend Christmas with my family there.”


Unlike Sinobas or McAbee, Junior Jacob Sizemore has not begun to plan for his holidays. He said he has only made minimum plans and hasn’t written any kind of a list. “Who does that in November?!” Sizemore exclaims.


Most Americans celebrate the standard and traditional holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years. But some Americans celebrate holidays that aren’t as popular or celebrated, but still just as special and exciting.


Sophomore Anna McCarthy is one of those people. “I celebrate All Soul’s Day.  My family and I go to mass and pray for the dead and their souls. We’re Catholic,” she explains with a sparkle in her eye that shows her excitement for the special holiday. McCarthy also celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas, which she gets excited for by listening to Christmas music and setting up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving.


Alex Wood also celebrates a special holiday. With one of his parents being Christian and one of them being Jewish, his family peacefully celebrates both Christmas and Hanukah. “We light the menorah and put up the tree. I get small gifts for Hanukah and big ones for Christmas,” he comments. His enthusiasm and early holiday spirit is evident in the way he smiles and exclaims “I love the holidays!”



 Our traditions may not all be the same, but we all know the feeling of knowing that keeping up with them for yet another year means that we are alive and well, life is good.


No matter what holidays we may celebrate, we all share the feeling of enthusiasm, anticipation, and excitement for the upcoming season.


No matter what language, it all means the same: Felices Fiestas!, Joyeuses Fêtes!, Trevlig Helg!, веселых праздников, Happy Holidays!