The purpose of this class is to transition seniors at Bath High School from school to life after high school.

This class is required to graduate, and it contains three units. 

 It meets in the LGI during second semester, and is taught by Ms. Murchie and Mr. Rypstra.

The First Unit: Choices and Ethics in Life

The first unit is on choices and ethics. Topics include personal budgeting and financial aid, preparing for success in college and the work force, and managing the daily stresses of life. Students watch Into the Wild, a true story about Chris McCandless based on the book of the same title. Students also watch several lectures from a series on ethics and practice different note taking styles. Guest speakers present on topics like insurance, mortgages, mental health and stress management, how to fill out tax forms, how to survive in college and where to get help when you need it, and budgeting. 
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The Second Unit: Going Global/ Do Now

The second unit is on global issues and the connection between personal philosophies and global issues. The foundation of this unit is the KQED Do Now website created by NPR; a student-centered project focused on civil discourse of current topics.  This unit culminates in a final project where students have to work in groups, research a global issue that will affect their future, and create a unbiased web resource that promotes discussion of the issue.
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The Third Unit:  Preparing for the Work Force

The first unit is on job preparation and job skills. Students take a Meyers-Briggs Assessment and listen to several guest speakers on job preparation, interview skills, and soft skills. Students complete resumes, cover letters, and job applications and get reliable and appropriate references, and they participate in a required 30 minute interview with a team of interviewers representing local businesses in the Greater Lansing Area. Students also complete and mail thank you letters to the interviewers. 
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