Wish Lists

Help us help our improve our classrooms and support our educators!

Please contact the BHS PTSA Officers if you can fulfill any of the wish list items. We need parent and community involvement to support the educational environment of our students.

Butler High School can always use:

Parent/Guardian Involvement/Volunteers for:

Making copies, Grading papers, Supervising students, Helping handAdult presence in the hallways and lunchroom, Classroom support,  Mentors, Teacher support.  

Our teachers, coaches, and counselors are encouraged to submit special projects through Donors Choose .

Parent Involvement - Just ask a teacher if there is anything you can do to help. 

Wish list items submitted by teachers:

Dry erase markers (Multiple requests)

First Aid kits for classrooms (Multiple requests)

10 copies of 1984 for AP Literature

Pencils (Multiple requests)

Smart boards (3)

White boards (2)

Television sets (5)

Bulletin Boards (2)

Computer projectors (3)

VCR/DVD players (6)

Dictionaries (90)

Copier paper, white (Always a need)

Student desks with detached chairs (Many requests to replace furniture which exceed the life span of our students)

Desks with drawers for teachers (4)

TVators (8)

File cabinets, two drawer

Book stands for computer users

Projectors to use with computers for classroom presentations (3)

Easel/tripod with paper (1)

Bookshelves (2)

Computer Desk (1)

Trash cans for classrooms (3)

Black Pentel R.S.V.P. fine point pens

Electric stapler

Cans of air for cleaning computers

Screen cleaner

Sharpies (Gold, Black)

Demco Book Glue

Demco Clear Glossy Protectors, 1  1/4"

Hand Sanitizer


Paper CD covers

Report covers

Security for the Media Center (Security Camera, Alarm Bar, Panic Button)

If you wish to volunteer your time or donations in kind to make a wish come true, please contact one of the BHS PTSA Officers .

Many thanks to Our Community Partners who fulfilled some of our teacher's wishlists:

Wishes fulfilled as of 5/11/08:

$100 to RCBE for a group of special student to take a field trip to the National Science Center

18 Shrubs, 6 wooden picnic tables, 3 polycarbonate picnic tables, 1 Green house, 1 storage cabinet.

4 packs of pads, bandaids, ziplock bags for Nurse Appreciation Day

1 computer mouse

36 pencils

1 set of computer speakers

2 Pine book cases

6 White Board markers

1 Portable easel


Chair covers

Colored and lined index cards - 4 packs

Card stock - bright colors - 1 pack of 500 sheets

Sharpie markers (Fine point) - 20

Clear tape - 4 rolls

Floppy disks - 32

The BHS PTSA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All contributions are fully tax deductible within IRS regulations and directly support PTSA programs and projects to support the students and improve Butler High School.