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Officers for 2008-2010



         Vice President  Mrs. Noella Castro noelia_c@hotmail.com

   Secretary   Mrs. Dawn Phillips dmeg70@yahoo.com

Treasurer     CWO3 Carmen Cole colece@hotmail.com



Past Officers for 2006-2008


  President     Ms. Lisa Winebrenner      bhsptsa@gmail.com

         Vice President  Mrs. Peggy Hines     passmenot3@gmail.com

   Secretary   Mrs. Annie Franklin          alruff46@hotmail.com

 Treasurer     Ms. Brenda Johnson        ptabhs@gmail.com


Committee Chairs for 2007-2008  


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Academic Recognition Team - Vacant

Adopt a Senior (Student) Team -Vacant

Audit Committee - Vacant

Booster Club Liaison - Vacant

Budget Committee - Vacant

Butler Beautification Team - Vacant

By-Laws Committee - Vacant

Communications Team - Vacant

Community Liaison Team - Vacant

Cultural Arts Team - Vacant

DADS Team - Determined and Dedicated Support - Vacant

ESOL Team - Vacant

Family Partnership Team - Vacant

Feeder School Team - Vacant

Fundraising Committee - Vacant

Grant Writing Team - Vacant

Hospitality Team - Vacant

Legislative Team - Vacant

Membership Committee - Vacant

Nominating Committee - Vacant

Ombudsman - Vacant

Parliamentarian - Vacant

Photographer - Vacant

Reflections ofr 08-09 - Mrs. Annie Franklin

Special Needs Team - Vacant

Staff Appreciation Team - Vacant

Special Services Team - Vacant

Volunteer Coordinator - Vacant


Parent, Teacher, and Student Reps:

Class of 2009 - Seniors

Class of 2010 - Juniors

Class of 2011 - Sophomores

Class of 2012 - Freshmen


BHS PTSA Informational Skills Workshop Providers



For additional information on the positions and responsibilities download the

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