Community Partners 08-09

2008-2009 Individual and Community Partners supporting Butler High School

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 Individual and Community Partners

 supporting Butler High School and BHS PTSA for the

2008-2009 School Year


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Host or sponsor one of our community involvement events, direct donations of $1000.00 or more, or 1000 documented* volunteer hours or more





Donations of $500.00 to 999.00

or 500 to 999 documented* volunteer hours





Donations of $200.00 to 499.00

or 200 to 499 documented* volunteer hours




Donations of $25.00 to 199.00

or 25 to 199 documented* volunteer hours

Noelia Castro

Carmen Cole

Dawn Philips                                            

Lisa Winebrenner 


*(D) - Donations

  (DK) - Donation In Kind

  (V) - Volunteer 



 *Documented  hours are supported by event sign in sheets, pictures, websites, news articles, projects completed for the school on school grounds such as maintenance, repairs, landscape improvements, providing assistance to students and teachers. 



 Website tools and support



 Online Membership Data Reporting


We proudly use Google products for our website, newsgroup, translation, Docs and Spreadsheets, calendar, and many other Google products available.