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The spring 2018 survey is now looming, and the goal is to cover all the parts of the city not surveyed in 2017. If we can get enough volunteers this will give us a complete picture of the house sparrow colonies across the city. If you are interested in surveying one of these new squares, please can you let us know what part of the Brighton and Hove you might prefer (or perhaps urban vs rural), and we’ll try and match you with something suitable.

We carried out a scientific survey across the city during Spring 2017 (click here for more about the Spring 2017 Survey), and there is a similar survey being done this winter. Click on "News" to find out about the Winter Survey.

We continue to collect data from Brighton and Hove residents. We would like to hear about any house sparrow colonies (or the absence of a colony) in the Brighton and Hove area. Details will be added to the Distribution Map

Please fill in a separate form for each group of sparrows you see, or do not see. Some areas might look ideal for house sparrows but if you have never seen any there this is worth knowing about. It will help us discover if there are specific problem in some areas.

If possible, please complete the form below or, if you prefer, please print, complete and return this form:  

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