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The Owls Television Network is a student filmed, edited, and produced news network that features the news, events, and sports that take place at Bensalem High School and around the Bensalem School District. About every two weeks the OTN studios produce a community outreach show that spotlights community and scholastic events that take place throughout the Bensalem School District.  In addition, OTN produces a live morning show broadcast that is aired throughout the High School each morning.  This show provides student information, news, trivia questions, high school sports, and public announcements. The OTN staff also holds an annual Film Festival for students and also provides film crews for local community events that students may be participating in.

The OTN staff encourages you to check back on a regular basis throughout the school year to find out what exciting events are taking place in the Bensalem School District through the eyes of some of its students.

To watch any of the videos on this site click on the blue Watch Now links to view our videos on GoogleVideo or search for "OTN" on GoogleVideo.