My name is Burns Holt, thus BH Outdoors, original huh. I am a hunter and love the outdoors. I have been building and working on feeders and timers one way or another for more than twenty years, along the way I’d like to believe I have learned a thing or two. I started building winch feeders & game hoist about ten years ago for myself and my friends. I do this because I enjoy it and it helps pay for my hunting. I enjoy identifying and solving problems. I, like many started hunting on a shoestring budget and scraped together enough stuff to build my blinds and feeders. Along the way there have been test, this is a right of passage for many of us. One time it might be goats jumping in the feeder butting the legs for corn, the next it might be cows that knocked over my feeder to get to the corn. Then there are coons, what can I say, God bless them because I can’t think of anything good to say, Last but certainly not least are the squirrels they love solar panel wiring and timers. This is why 10 years ago I started mounting my solar panels the way I do to this day.
 My endeavor is to make hunting more pleasurable or "GOODER". I am proud to say that over the last ten years I have noticed that some of the "Big Dogs" have incorporated so of my ideas into their products.  That is why I focus on the products and services I do. I am not here to badmouth or degrade someone else's product, I just think I build a better "GOODER" product and offer only as much as the customer wants/needs. Let's say you have a great barrel and timer but wish it was a winch feeder, I can help.