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BHMS Basketball

November 14th was the kick off of the boys basketball here at BHMS. Mr.Adams team went to Louisville Middle School to play and if you didn't know Louisville Middle School is some what  of an unofficial feuding rivalry due to the clash of our football teams which ended in our defeat. Even with our efforts Adams team lost to the pirates. Our next game would be against the Aspen Creek Coyotes during the first quarter we pretty much held them to a two point lead and in the second quarter it was a battle for the lead as our teams each seemed to score in sync until the last seven minutes when our falcons cranked in to high gear and end the game with about a ten point lead.

These games have proven two things about our team. One, we do have things to improve on, things that we can critique and fix. What we’ve also been shown is that we are a capable team and able to come away with the win when we’ve been set into focus and play as a team and as Falcons.                 

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BHMS basketball

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Basketball Party!

By: Cassidy

 Last Monday October 24, the three basketball teams had a party in the art room. The party was really fun. Ms. D’s , Mr. Kaiser’s , and Ms. Hawkins’s teams were all there. A lot of people brought a lot of food. There were cupcakes, popcorn, cookies, and caramel corn. Also some people brought money and the school bought pizza for everyone which was very yummy. Some people talked and mingled with friends, others drew cards and had gotten their whole team to sign it. People also drew posters with their numbers on it. Something nice that our team did was sign a card for our coaches showing the appreciation and support we have gotton throughout the season. We all had a great time playing basketball and we even though we didn’t win, I think we all learned about sportsmanship. Thank you to all the coaches and students who went out for Broomfield Heights basketball girls team. An experience we will forever remember.

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