Zombies or Survival Mode?

posted Mar 19, 2012, 1:20 PM by Nathan Maloney

Zombies or Survival Mode?

Would you rather play Black Op’s zombies or MW3’s survival mode. In zombies there are different guns on the walls, armor, and also these little crates which are mystery weapons like the thunder gun or the ray gun. In survival mode you can buy armor, sentry guns, mines, air strikes, more soldiers, a lot more, and they are all in crates for different amounts of money like quick revive is $3,000.

In zombies your objective is to turn on the power and get to the highest round you can. Also once the power is on there are more things you can buy like juggernaut and a lot of other things. The zombies don’t have guns, and can only hit you from close range, but some crawl, run, walk, & hide. Also zombies has about five or six different places like Kind er totten or Moon.

In survival mode your main objective is to get to a high round. Like zombies every round gets harder and harder, but in survival mode you can verse helicopters, juggernauts, armed soldiers, attack dogs, suicide bombers, grenade specialists, and more! You are able to pick up your opponents weapons, so the higher round the better weapons you are able to pick up. In survival mode they have about 20 maps and all of them are from online. Also some places are easy, some medium, some hard, and the rest are expert.
In both of these games the opponent get more armor and are harder and harder to kill. Both of these you are able to play solo and you are able to play them online. MW3 is on the wii, ps3, xbox 360 and black ops is on the same thing. Zombies is probably easier in many ways, but also probably more fun. The hardest part in zombies is probably the hound dogs at kind er totten and in survival mode is either the juggernaut or the helicopters. Zombies come through special barricaded rooms and try to get you, but you can rebuild barriers when they brake them. In survival mode the opponent just come onto the ground from planes. Also in zombies you have to buy rooms, unlike survival mode.

In online in zombies the rounds are much longer with many more zombies, but in survival mode it is the same as playing solo, but you are aloud only one partner, and in zombies you can have about four. Zombies from Black Ops verses Survival Mode from MW3. I would have to vote zombies because of how fun it is. Survival mode is still really fun, but for some odd reason i just like zombies a little bit more. What do you like zombies or survival mode...why and why not? Also in zombies it is really cool because they have fake guns like the ray gun or the thunder gun which are awesome. These are both my favorite video game events!