Titanic who is at fault?

posted Apr 26, 2012, 1:12 PM by macie liepe
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       By: Macie

We all know that Titanic sank because the ship hit an iceberg. whose fault is it that it ran into the iceberg, here are a few ideas that scholars have come up with.

Some people say it is the captain of the ship’s fault, Captain Smith. Captain Smith had avoided several iceberg warnings by the crew and other ships.

Although people say it is the captain’s fault many, people say that it was actually the shipbuilders fault because the rivets that have been recovered were made of substandard iron. (Substandard iron: an iron that is made of below standard iron.) Also, people say that the builders were pressured to finish the boat on time so they skipped on major pressure relief points so when the ship hit the iceberg there was no way to relieve pressure.

There is also another, but not the most likely culprit, Captain Lord. He was the captain of a neighboring ship and before he went to bed he turned off the radio the night the Titanic sank. When he saw the emergency flares he just thought a nearby ship was having a party. Though, had they turned on their radio they would have heard the distress calls over the air waves.

Our last possible culprit is Bruce Ismay. It is said that Ismay pressured Captain Smith to continue full speed even when they were about to hit the iceberg. He pressured Smith to continue to go full speed because he wanted to be able to make a six day voyage. (If the ship had made it to port it would have been the fastest voyage between New York City U.S. and Belfast Ireland.) If Captain Smith had been able to slow down they would have had time to maneuver around the iceberg that blocked their path.