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Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

posted May 1, 2012, 1:02 PM by Ivy Yang
Do you like being the trend starter in your group of friends?

Well, now you can be.

Did you know that Europe and Asia are about 3-4 seasons ahead of the United States in fashion?

Well, now you do.

This year the 2012 spring fashion trends are really simple, fun, and cute, and they all come from different parts of the world. For example, you see leather jackets, rust colored skinny jeans, ripped jean vests, and cropped tops with graphics and fringe in Forever 21 this year, am I right? Well, in the summer of 2011 Girls’ Generation brought back this look from the Biker trending time and turned it into a trend of 2012. Also, haven’t you seen everyone wear colorful pants lately? Well if you didn’t notice, in 2008, Girls’ Generation’s music video entitled “Gee”, brought color pants in for spring 2012 fashion trends. Also, you’re probably seeing everyone wear button up polka dot shirts with a tying knot on the bottom of the shirt. Well last year in July, there is a band in Asia, T-ara, that released a song entitled “Roly-Poly” that had an inspiring cute fashion, and the look of the 80’s.

Now in Asia, here are the trends of 2012 from over there,  that haven’t reached the U.S. yet:

(-Style [References from big hits in Asia, and Europe] {Why} )

-Basket Ball Jerseys with jean shorts, baseball cap, and long socks [Hyuna’s Bubble Pop, and A Pink’s My My, My]

-Hooded dresses [Dream High 1, and Dream High 2, and Melon (It’s a K-POP music website)]
-Tuxedos with tails on the back [Sistar, SNSD(Girls’ Generation), Rania Pop, T-ARA, and Miss A]
-Long sleeved dresses [Wonder Girls’ Be My Baby, and Sistar’s So cool]
-Spaghetti strap dresses with a cute long sleeve shirt under it [Hello How Are You M.V] {this will be a casual and cute style to wear no matter the occasion}
-Hoodie with a duck on it [Dream High 2]

Hairstyles and Makeup
-Mushroom half up-do {With this hairstyle you can look sophisticated while showing off the cute and girly side of you}
-Bangs pulled up with a colorful hair scrunchy and the rest of your hair down [Dream High 2, My Personal Taste, and Kang-Sora]
-Mermaid Braid { a mermaid braid is a great way to look very pretty and elegant}
-Another very big trend happening in Asia and Europe is elongated eye makeup. This look has a lot of focus on the eyes with a lot of eyeliner and long lashes.