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Horrific disasters that happened in a week!

posted Apr 27, 2012, 12:55 PM by ty dittman
 I bet you all have heard of the tornadoes in Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.  Well in Oklahoma, they had twin twisters touchdown not too far from each other. There were reported 8 deaths and 60 injuries in that 24 hour span of tornadoes.  6 deaths were in Oklahoma and the rest were in the other states.  Nebraska got baseball sized hail and that isn't the first time that's 
happened this year there was also some baseball sized hail in Texas and Oklahoma.  In Iowa the winds were so strong that they toppled over 8 cemis and took out power throughout the whole state that includes Des Moines, and Sioux City.  Luckily in North Platte and central    Nebraska there were no injuries or death reports the tornadoes barely missed them.  In one part of Iowa there was a hospital that luckily didn’t get ripped apart by the tornado but there still was some damage to the  hospital and everyone inside was ok.
      There was also a 16 foot python that ate a deer.   They found it in Florida’s Everglades National Park on the side of a road.  They took an x ray of the snake because he was already dead when they found him but you see the deer in in the stomach of the snake.  When the people found it on the side of the road they didn’t know what was in the snake so like I said they took an xray and found a skeleton in the snake.  The scientists then cut it open and ended up finding a 40 pound deer in the center of the snake.