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Our caste Bhinmal Tragad Brahmin Soni is spread over Forty villages / towns / cities in India & many places abroad. Also known amongst Tragad Brahmin Soni as Motu Mastan.

To stay in touch, with our caste, this website can keep us connected. We have immense talent and active volunteers, within our caste, who can contribute their valuable time towards this initiative.

Currently the site has inputs from Nadiad Samaj and Umreth Samaj. Inputs are invited from the Saamast Samaj so as to create different Samaj categories on the website.

Through this website we can unite the different people from Bhinmal Tragad Brahmin Soni Samaj who have excelled in their relative fields and to bring them together to achieve the goal to stay united and to improve the life standard of the less privileged.

The main mission of this website is to establish the strong foundation for our community by tackling the issues like education, medical help, social reforms in the community as well as spread of religious and culture educaton and knowledge in our youth .

This site should shape up to be the website of Samast Bhinmal Tragad Brahmin. 

Lets work together to keep ourself connected to our community.

Our site should contain

  • Latest updates of Social work being done by Bhinmal Tragad Brahmin Soni Samaj.
  • Social Work Proposals can be put up here for caste members to think over.
  • Major achievement of caste member can be put up.
  • Any other activities.
  • Database can be maintained.

Support and interest of the
ll  Samast Bhinnmal Tragad Brahmin Samaj  II  Bhinnmal Tragad Brahmin  ll  Bhinmal Tragad Brahmin Soni  ll 
ll  Bhinmal Tragad Brahmin Soni Samaj Nadiad  ll  Tragad Brahmin Samaj  ll  Tragad Soni Samaj  ll
for developing this site can make this initiative a grand success.