Who says we never had bhikkhuni clergy ?

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Women in American Buddhism Conferenc

Blending Tradition, Community, and Family August 29 - 31, 2008

Conference hosts the Institute of Buddhist Studies and Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temples invite you to explore how women from different Buddhist traditions are helping shape the face of American Buddhism. Participate in panel discussions to share how different traditions support the practice of Buddhism in home, work and play. 

 Join scholars, spiritual leaders and lay members from Theravadan, Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions in discussion sessions on

  • Young Women in Buddhism
  • Balancing Spiritual Leadership and Family Duties
  • Relationships and Decision-making in Daily Life
  • Embodiment of Enlightenment as Women
  • The Eightfold Path and the Kitchen Sink
  • Taking Buddha to Work
  • Entwinement and Liberation: Buddhists Living with Disabilities
  • Role of Bhikkhunis and Monastics in U
  • Body Centered Meditation as Practic
  • Sexuality and Buddhism
  • Family and Parenting as Buddhists 

 On-line credit for this conference is available from Institute of Buddhist Studies. 

Location and Time:

Tri-State Buddhist Temple 1947 Lawrence Street Denver, Colorado 80202 USA August 29 - 31, 2008 

Conference begins at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, August 29, 2008 

Saturday August 30, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 

Sunday August 31, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Please contact Carol "Gansho" O'Dowd at the Tri-State Buddhist Temple if you have any questions or concerns. 

Phone: 303-380-8969 

Email: gansho@carolodowd.com 

Registration Information The registration fee to attend any part or all of the conference is $75.00 which includes Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, and Sunday lunch. To register for this conference, please click here. Display Travel Information 


Registration Information 

The registration fee to attend any part or all of the conference is $75.00 which includes Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, and Sunday lunch. To register for this conference, please click here. 

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ASA Conference 10 July 2008

About the Conference.

The ASA conference has become a landmark event each year for Buddhist monastics in Australia. The ASA was set up specifically to support dialogue and understanding among monastics of different traditions, and the conference provides a forum for this. This year's conference will address three main themes.

First, we consider the role of Buddhist monastics within the broader Australian context. For this, we are proud to announce that Dr. Geoff Gallop, ex-Premier of WA and one of the foremost political thinkers in Australia today, will be giving the keynote speech. This will be a unique chance to listen to and meet Dr. Gallop specifically addressing issues of concern for the Sangha.

The second theme reflects the prominence of Buddhist countries in the news in the past year, especially in some of the very troubled events that are still unfolding in Myanmar, Tibet, and Vietnam. Many Australian Buddhists have come from backgrounds of tremendous suffering and anguish, and this affects how we practice and experience Buddhism. We want to listen and share about the conditions that our Sangha have left behind, how this affects them today, and what can be done about it.

Finally, we will examine the sacred texts that are used by our different traditions, and how these are applied in actual practice. We will hear about the traditional canons of each school, which parts of these are emphasized, how they relate to each other, and how Buddhist Sangha today uses their texts to inform and enrich their spiritual practice.

For more information or if you would link to attend please see the ASA events page.

Bhikkhuni Seminar 9th of March 2008 Santi Forest Monastery Bundanoon NSW, Australia

Samaneris and Bhikkhunis from all over the world gathered at Santi Forest Monastery along with the resident and visiting Bhikkhus to witness and participate in Santi's first Samaneri ordination. This very special and historical event also marked the beginning of the first International Bhikkhuni conference in Australia. For more information see the following link.

Video clips in fill

Short YouTube Video clips.

Bhikkhuni Seminar 2008 Website

ASA 2007 Conference  and AGM at Nan Tien Temple

About the Conference.

The conference will be held in the magnificent traditional Chinese temple, Nan Tien Temple near Wollongong on the 12th of July 2007. The venue is accessible from the Southern Freeway from Sydney

In the past two years the main focus of the ASA Conference was to establish the basis for the ASA. Now this is done, and we feel that it is essential that we consider more carefully how the Sangha is to live and how we can communicate more effectively within the Australian context.

Together with the Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils, the ASA has been considering the formulation of a set of policies. The aim of this is to help Buddhists understand their religion and present their perspective to the wider community. The Sangha plays an important role as spiritual leaders in this process.

We would like to use this year's ASA conference to listen to the Sangha's voice on what is important to them, and to work out some more precise guidelines for how Buddhism is to grow in Australia. 

For more information please see the ASA website.

For registration please click here

Chick here for registration.

Please do not click registration after the date of 12 of July 2007.

International Congress on Buddhist Women’s Role in the Sangha

In 2007 there will be a conference held in Hamburg, Germany. The conference will be held in order to discuss the re-establishment of the bhikshuni ordination in the Tibeten tradition, but will also cover the Theravada tradition. It will be held from 18th to the 20th of July 2007. If you would like to be one of the participants please click Registration.

Two of the ASA Bhikkhuni Committee members will be joining the conference as the ASA's representation, Ven. Thich Quang Ba and Ajahn Sister Vayama. Bhante Sujato will attend to present his work on Sects And Sectarianism.

 The International Congress that will be held in Hamburg will lead to the requested decision or at least a supportive declaration in collaboration with worldwide expert researchers in the fields of Vinaya, religious precepts and their transmission lineages during the history of Buddhism. The speakers will be coming from countries like Thailand, Korea, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar ect, but also from the United States, India, Vietnam, Australia, and Germany. They are going to present their papers to an audience of about 150 experts and other interested participants, i.e. representatives of Buddhist Centers of various traditions and academics of various fields of studies.

His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama  will be present on the last day, July 20, 2007. (See his letter as PDF here).

After presentations and thorough discussions among scholars and practitioners, three possible solutions for the Tibetan tradition will be considered: re-establishment of the bhikshuni ordination by

  • 1. monks and nuns of the Dharmagupta lineage,
  • 2. Mulasarvastivadin monks together with nuns from the Dharmagupta lineage, and
  • 3. Mulasarvastivadin monks alone.

The language of the conference will be English, but may have translation in Asian languages.

For detailed information click here.

 Copied and edited from http://www.congress-on-buddhist-women.org/