Basset Hound Club

of Greater San Antonio


Referral and Contact Phone #'s: 

830-606-3025 (BHCGSA Secretary)



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The Basset Hound Club of Greater San Antonio (BHCGSA) is a club of Basset Hound enthusiasts who work in the Show and Obedience rings as well as the areas of Tracking and Canine Good Citizen certification within the sport of dogs.  The club sprang from its earlier version as the Basset Hound Club of Corpus Christi.  It was a very active club known throughout the country.  Eventually, many of the core BHCCC members found themselves living in and around the San Antonio metroplex so the decision was made to petition the AKC to allow the club to move to San Antonio. 

The BHCGSA is a member-club of the Basset Hound Club of America ( and the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance ( 

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