Christmas Purchase

What about as a Christmas puppy gift?

Most good breeders do not sell puppies during or even around the Christmas holidays. Many puppies purchased at this time end up being returned, resold or abandoned in shelters. Because holidays tend to be busy with people coming and going, this is not a good time to bring a new puppy into your home. A new puppy (or older adopted dog from a Rescue organization) needs time to rest as well as a consistent, uninterrupted training schedule to be properly housebroken and acclimated to its new home and environment.

Additional holiday hazards include the possibility of puppies ingesting fragile, glass ornaments, tinsel, wrapping ribbon, poisonous holiday plants or chewing on electric light cords. Puppies are often left alone for long periods when owners leave to attend parties or, conversely, may be over handled and stressed to the point of exhaustion when friends and family come to visit. Any of these situations can lead to serious injury (including thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills) and even the death of your new puppy.

Reputable breeders are more than willing to hold your basset puppy until after the
.  Remember that getting a new puppy should be a unanimous decision for the entire family. The person for whom you are purchasing a puppy may in fact not want a Basset Hound, or even a new dog! Make the choice together and bring a new puppy or older adopted dog into your home during a time when your household and family are able to give your new friend the care, time and consistent training it needs.