AKC (American Kennel Club) Titles & Their Meanings

CH - Champion of Record-earned by gaining 15 points in conformation wins. Points awarded are determined by the number of other entries the winning dog defeats. A dog must win at least two majors (by winning at two different shows under two different judges where there are enough entries defeated to equal 3-5 points by the AKC point system.)
GCH - Grand Champion
FCh- Field Champion
GFCh - Grand Field Champion
OTCh - Obedience Trial Champion

To earn an obedience title, the dog must have a passing score of 50% of possible points or better, and an overall passing score at three different competitions under three different judges.

CD-Companion Dog (First Level Obedience Competition, basic obedience exercises)
CDX-Companion Dog Excellent (Intermediate Level Obedience Competition, more advanced obedience work)
UD-Utility Dog (Advanced Level Obedience Competition, difficult obedience work, including hand signals)
UDX-The highest obedience degree AKC presently awards

TD-Tracking Dog
TDX-Tracking Dog Excellent
VST-Variable Surface Tracking

NA-Novice Agility
OA-Open Agility
AX-Agility Excellent
MX-Master Agility Excellent
NAJ-Novice Agility Jumper
OAJ-Open Agility Jumper
EAJ-Excellent Agility Jumper

AKC Unofficial Titles:

CGC-Canine Good Citizen

ROM-Register of Merit-A dog or bitch must earn a number of points specified by the BHCA rules, and also meet the numbers of champion and major pointed progeny required by BHCA. The requirements for bitches are less than the requirements for the dogs because males have the opportunity to produce a far larger number of offspring.

New competitions are being added and rules for competitions change, for the most up to date rules and regulations, check with the AKC and the BHCA.

Miscellaneous American titles often seen on pedigrees and in advertising.
BIS-Best in Show at an All-Breed Show in conformation.
BISS-Best in Show Specialty (where only dogs of the same breed are competing in conformation)
BOB-Best of Breed
BOS-Best Opposite Sex
BOW-Best of Winners (best between Winners Dog and Winners Bitch in breed conformation class competition) WD-Winners Dog-the winning dog overall of the regular classes of his sex.
WB-Winners Bitch-the winning bitch overall of the regular classes of her sex.
RWD/RWB-Runner up to the winners dog and bitch, if the winner becomes ineligible for the award then the runnerup will receive the points awarded from that show.
Special-A dog that is already a Champion that is competing for Best of Breed only. A Champion cannot compete in the classes where points are earned (because a Champion has already earned them!)
RTD-Registered Therapy Dog
TDI-Dog has passed Therapy Dog International’s testing