SimNet Registration

You will use SimNet for this course. SimNet is a learning management system designed to teach and assess competency in Microsoft Office 2010, Windows 7, and computer concepts. SimNet requires a high-speed Internet connection, Internet Explorer 7+ or Firefox 3.5+, and Adobe Flash Player v10.1+.
All of the course materials, including assignments, are located at https://bhc.simnetonline.comIf you have not yet purchased the textbook bundle or the code, you can still access the course materials by using the 21 day free trial.

1. Go to to register the code.  Use the 21 day trial if you haven’t yet purchased a code.

2. Click the “I Have a Registration Code” link, even if you do not have a registration code.

3. Follow the 6 step process.

4. When prompted, enroll in this class: CS 100 – Intro to Computers – Delcourt – 8 Weeks.

5. In step 4 of the 6 step process, you will be prompted to register your code. If you purchased the textbook bundle from the BHC bookstore, you have the registration code. It’s on a card that came with the bundle. Type the code and go to the next step.

6. If you do not have the code, click the check box to activate a 21 day free trial.

7. Continue with the registration process.

8. After you register, log in at

9. Click the Course Outline link on this web site to see a list of the assignments for the week. We will use this web site as the course management site because SimNet does not contain a user-friendly “dashboard” or home page.
If you are using the 21 day free trial, don’t forget to purchase the code before the trial period ends. Your assignment scores will not be available to me until you purchase the registration code.