BhashaIME is a free Input Method Editor for Windows. It helps in creation of Unicode text content in several Bharatiya and Roman scripts. The supported scripts are Devanagari, Grantha, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, IAST Roman and ISO15919 Roman. Vedic extensions are supported.

BhashaTrans supports transliteration. This includes
  • Various ASCII-encodings To Unicode
  • Unicode-to-Unicode (transliteration to and from all the unicode supported scripts)
  • Unicode To/From Roman
The input schemes are 'phonetic', 'Baraha', and 'INSCRIPT'.

Requires Windows XP SP3 or higher. (Click here to learn how to configure Windows XP and Microsoft Office for Bharatiya scripts)

The tools are free for all purposes.

Vedic Fonts:    Windows did not support combining Vedic svara-s with Non-Devanagari scripts till Windows 8. Windows 8.1 does. All the fonts provided on this site support Unicode Vedic svara-s.

Author: Venkatesh
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