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"Lets Learn to live smiling all through the coming year 2009 to remove wrinkles of tension from faces of others, created for reasons they could avoid." - H.H.Guruji


















"Open the doors of 2009 and enter the new world of New resolutions but don’t forget to look back and thank all of them who supported, motivated, encouraged, helped and above all loved you in year 2008.” - Acharyaa Pratishtha




This Year by H.H.Guruji...



Yoga, the moment of merger is the greatest celebration of two souls on earth, of individual and divine at ultimate.

It is eternal as the joining point of two moments the passing and the arriving. In high Indian traditions such rare moment is reckoned as the holiest and divine and known as Sandhi Vela or as Sandhya . The same is the sandhi vela of two different years.

Digit '8' signifies 'Asht Siddhi' and '9' the Nav Nidhi. May be yog sadhna undergone by my beloved sadhaks lead them to 'asht siddhi' and the arrioving year '9' bless them with 'Nav Nidhi'. May this prosperity of 8 and 9 be decorated with divine blessings.

May the humanity be blessed with the 'Nectar of Yoga' through the selfless services being rendered by yogis.

I pray for Arogya (disease Free Health), Atushya (Long Life) , Abhyudaya (continous progress) and Ananda (Bliss) to you all through the coming year 2009.

may world be blessed with love and peace.

                                              - H.H.GURUJI







This Year by Acharyaa Pratishtha…


Introspection -

Go back and have a look on 2008… what happened? What u gained? What you lost? How many times u hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally? how much time wasted and how much utilized? How many problems you faced? What were the reasons behind those problems? And finally how u can avoid these problems in coming year?


What u learnt?

Write atleast 5 lessons you learned this year and promise yourself to follow these lessons in 2009.



plan you year 2009. Make new resolutions and just FOLLOW them. Decide your aim of 2009 and start your journey from the day 1 only that 1st jan 2009.

Few suggested resolutions can be:

a. I'll wont use polybags this year.

b. I wont through waste on roads.

c. I will controll my anger.

d. I will thank that supreme power for all what HE has given to me instead of cursing my destiny for minor things.

e. On my b'day, aniversary or other special days of my life I would do some charity.



Finally look back and thank all of them who supported, motivated, encouraged, helped and above all loved you in year 2008. Just one vote of thanks can make them feel really delighted and happy.

                                      - ACHARYAA PRATISHTHA









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