The Kohinnoor Diamond and Indian Heritage


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The Kohinnoor Diamond and Indian Heritage is a summary of the Legal Instructions for the recovery of both the Kohinnoor Diamond and Indian Heritage- By Johnson Thomas Karingozhakal




RecoveryofIndianHeritage-060208.doc is the summary of legal instructions I, Johnson Thomas Karingozhakal as an Indian and Commonwealth Citizen gave to Mr Wills Mathews, Advocate, Supreme Court of India to issue notices to all concerned parties including the British Monarch both as British Head of State and the Head of the Commonwealth, the British Prime Minister and others  for the recovery of the Kohinnoor Diamond and other ancient Indian artefacts expropriated by colonial Britain under the duress of colonial occupation. Please click on Recovery of Indian Heritage-060208.doc to read it.

I have been informed by my lawyer Mr Mathews that notices has been issued to all concerned including the British Monarch and Prime Minister in this matter with copies to their counterparts in India on 18 March 2008. I have been since then informed by my lawyer that he has received communications from the British Prime Ministers Office stating that the notice was passed on to the Department of Culture who in turn just recently claimed that the Kohinnoor Diamond belongs to the Sovereign and the British government cannot do anything about it which is a lie.

It is a British Constitutional principle that the Sovereign/British Monarch acts only on the advice of the British Cabinet and even the Sovereign's speeches to the Parliament has to be approved by the Cabinet. So do the foreign visits. In general terms under the British Constitutional set up the British Monarch is a bionic effigy incarcerated in a golden cage of British protocols controlled by the British cabinet, bureaucrats and the old boys network. This fact is intentionally covered up by the vested interests and old boys network to mislead the peoples of the Commonwealth who would naturally initiate a debate about the desirability of having such a powerless, toothless symbolic head for the Commonwealth raising even questions about removing or replacing the British Monarch as the commonwealth head with far more eminent symbols such as the Statue of Liberty/Lady Liberty in New York who do not habitually practise untouchability and apartheid through covered hands or bring up grandchildren who wear Swastika not as part of any Hindu faith but to taunt the descendants of the Holocuast or feel harassed when another head of state winks at her or annoint British citizens and pliable or innocent foreign nationals as "Lord, Knight, Commander, Officer, Member etc of the British Empire as if the Commonwealth were the Sovereign's empire insulting the democratic aspirations of all 52 member nations and their circa 2000 million citizens. The founding principle of the Commonwealth Charter is to promote democracy and not to perpetuate imperialism through social titles is a fact every commonwealth citizen ought to bear in mind.

It is to this Commonwealth Head my lawyers issued the legal notices to repatriate all Indian Heritage expropriated under the duress of colonial occupation. The term expropriated under duress is explained in the summary of the instructions.

This site is for the benefit of the peoples of India, the Commonwealth and the wider International Community who believe in opposing imperialism and imperialistic expropriation in all its manifestations. This legal notice is also my humble tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the millions of innocent Indians who were killed by the British empire (including through starvation to propitiate the greed of British companies under the duress of colonial occupation and its aftermath) and for all who were persecuted from around the world for fighting imperialistic expropriation and the genocide perpetrated on their nations and peoples to sustain the expropriation by colonial Britain.

This is also in reverence to all Jewish people killed by Hitler to expropriate their diamonds, gold and jewellary before and during the Holocuast in the name of Aryan purity and Swastika- Ladies and Gentlemen, Swastika in Sanskrit means "being in a state of harmony or peace" and not xenophobia as was in Hitler's case. Hitler's German language itself is an Indo-European Language so is English. Hitler could not have had a God other than evil but some of his Christian followers worshipped Jesus a rebel rabbi from Israel in the continent of Asia. Racism, bigtory and supremacy rear their ugly heads because of false education.

This is also a humble first step to contribute my tiny bit for peace between Israelis and Palestinians and for the day when they and their little children embrace each other like true brothers like the peoples of India and Pakistan today have begun to do recently despite all the hardships both sides suffered. This is a thumbs down to the people who bragged about the efficacy of Divide and Rule too such as many Oxbridge experts and pliable colonial academics and experts. I would be grateful if you could just read the underlined sections in the summary of instructions and then decide for yourself the legitimacy of the legal notices. If any reader has any comments or issues to raise regarding the recovery of the kohinnoor diamond and indian heritage I can be contacted at or my lawyer Mr Mathews at The spelling of the Kohinnoor diamond is intentionly misspelt to reflect the Indian and Asian pronounciation. With love to all, Johnson Thomas Karingozhakal.


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