India is constitutionally Secular. But it is so only till Hindus are in majority. After that our successors shall have to pay jizyah if they choose to remain Hindu. That is also to be seen if that option is available to them. Will you please have some loyalty towards Hinduism. Will you please shed your own notions and listen to the need of the hour.









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Hi friends. Pls realise that we in India cannot build a Ram temple where our national hero Lord Rama was born. We cannot protect the great Ram Setu. We cannot set right the mischiefs committed by Aurangzeb at Varanasi. Why ? Because we are hindus. In the eyes of politicians, whom we vote for, consider Hindu sentiments to be valueless. We also have a brand of politicians called communists who during Chinese aggression were taking sides with the chinese. We have Congress who during Kargil war was busy showing mirror to the Government rather than expressing moral support. We have several Babas reverred by millions (I prefer not to name any one) who for the sake of their popularity preach that all religions are one and the same and teach basically the same thing. These babas go to the extent of teaching that there was something wrong in the vedic practices. We are people who have forgot the great institution of Shankaracharya. We have a population which opts to bow before the terrorists in Kandhar rather than bravely face the situation. We are a nation which can be shamelessly and cruelly torn apart by any community except Hindus.  And I can bet no one will raise voice against it. If you don't believe pls tell me how Afghanistan was separated from us on 26th May 1739. How Pakistan was separated in 1947. We are people who remember a domestic tyrant as father of the nation. Although we have freedom of expression but notwithstanding, we cannot read what Nathuram Godse said about his act simply because he had been declared a villain by the King (Jawaharlal Nehru) and his government. The rate of growth of the two populations is inequal and therefore predicted that after 60 years India shall be a Muslim State. We cannot find in the entire nation an Indian blood for ruling on us. Save and except one family no mother has been able to produce a child for ruling on us. Pls ignore the accidental instances of Narasimha Rao and Vajpayee. We with greatest satisfaction allow film producers and actors make mockery of our Gods, our practices and our institutions. These actors and producers cannot make mockery of other religions since they are not followers of cowardic non violence. We are great admirers of art, no matter what is presented in its garb. It is with this conciousness that we appreciate M F Hussain painting nudes pictures of our gods and even of our motherland. It therefore necessarily follows that whosoever opposes such great art must be a fanatic and must be condemned. Our great young generation has great concern  confined to girls, bikes, mobiles, cricket and of course for face saving career. O yes they are also busy celebrating Valentine day and christmas, as it inculcates in them a sense of being a way ahead of rest of the nation. We have thouroughly learnt that every religion teaches the same and believes that Bhagat Singh should be born but only in the neighbours home. We cannot even contribute for this cause since we have to save every moment and every penny as we have to grow rich faster than our neighbours and friends.