Homage to martyrs of terror attack on Parliament, Dec. 13, 2001 (pps)



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What happened in Kandhamal, Orissa? -- A report by Justice on Trial (Feb. 2008)


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Bogus proponents of social justice

Fellow-travellers limp over Nandigram and show commie ‘ideals’ to be frauds

Like Antonia of Luciano, everything goes just to stay in power. Commies of Bharatam have become power-hungry and try to rule through hired goons and mercenaries.

The following exchanges among fellow-travellers make dismal reading, showing the ideological bankruptcy and the fraud called communism founded on a-dharma, fooling poor people (while raping children). When mazdoor mukti (workers’ liberation) becomes unabashed killing and vandalism by the hired cadre, party will end up grieving over the graveyard of innocent victims. There ain’t no mukti for such renegades led by idiots administering dumdum dawai. If rape of a child is acceptable behaviour from a commie, the partisan fellow-travellers, together with all the commies of Bharatam, should end up in brothels, declaring themselves to be unfit to be in the polity.

The most shocking revelation is made by Kanchan Gupta that the anti-Taslima muslim riots in Kolkata were engineered by the CPM. (CPM engineered Muslim rage of Dec. 2, 2007 appended).

What a shameful price to pay just to stay in power to continue to enjoy the crumbs of office?

Buddha, Karats, in the name of dharma, go. Let the raped child of Nandigram find solace without listening to your disgusting lectures.



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