Technical Information 4

Here are the few links where you can get some technical books......



Enterprise JavaBeans Tutorial
JavaBeans Short Course
Introduction to the JavaBeans API
JDBC Short Course
Essentials of the Java Programming Language, Part 1
Essentials of the Java Programming Language, Part 2
Writing Advanced Applications for the Java Platform
Fundamentals of Java Security
Fundamentals of Java Servlets
Introduction to the Collections Framework
Introduction to CORBA
Fundamentals of RMI
Java Language Specification
Java Tutorial: Servlet Trail
Java Virtual Machine Specification (2nd Ed.)
Glossary of Java and Related Terms
The Java Language Environment
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines
Story of a Servlet: An Instant Tutorial
Introduction to Java
Java2D: An Introduction and Tutorial
Java Servlet Tutorial FAQ
Brewing Java: A Tutorial
Shlurrrppp ... Java: The First User-Friendly Tutorial on Java
Swing Tutorial
Swing: A Quick Tutorial for AWT Programmers
Thinking in Java
Java RMI Tutorial
Java for C++ Programmers
The Advanced Jav/aJ2EE Tutorial
Hacking Java: The Java Professional's Resource Kit
JFC Unleashed
Java Developer's Guide
Java Developer's Reference
Sams Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days (Professional Reference Ed.)
Java Unleashed (2nd Ed.)
Java 1.1 Unleashed (3rd Ed.)
Java Game Programming Tutorial
Java Networking FAQ
Java Tutorial: A Practical Guide for Programmers
Sockets Programming in Java
Programming with Java - Part I
Programming with Java - Part II
Setting Up a Java Development Environment for Linux
Understanding Java
Beginner's Guide to JDK
GUI Development in Java
Java Servlets: An introduction to writing and running Java servlets on Linux




Introductory JavaScript Tutorials
JavaScript Authoring Guide
Client-Side JavaScript 1.3 Guide
Client-Side JavaScript 1.3 Reference
Core JavaScript 1.4 Guide
Core JavaScript 1.4 Reference
Server-Side JavaScript 1.4 Guide
JavaScript FAQ
JavaScript Tutorial
The Way of JavaScript
Voodoo's Introduction to JavaScript
JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers
JavaScript Primer
EchoEcho JavaScript Tutorial
Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.1 in a Week (2nd Ed.)




The UNIX Time-Sharing System
The Evolution of the UNIX Time-Sharing System
The UNIX Time-Sharing System - A Retrospective
UNIX - The Bare Minimum
Using the UNIX Operating System
History of UNIX
UNIXhelp for Users
STScI UNIX Users Guide
UNIX System Administration
Compiling C and C++ Programs on UNIX Systems - gcc/g++
Manipulating Files and Directories in UNIX
Introduction to UNIX Signals Programming
UNIX and Multics
UNIX Man Pages Online
UNIX Unleashed
UNIX Unleashed: System Administrator's Edition
UNIX Unleashed: Internet Edition
A Basic UNIX Tutorial
The UNIX Programming Environment
Introduction to UNIX
Intermediate UNIX Training
Coping with UNIX: An Interactive Survival Kit
Introduction to UNIX Course Notes
Advanced Introduction to UNIX
Basic Introduction to UNIX
Programming the Shell
Networking/Internet with UNIX
Learning UNIX





UNIX Shell Patterns
Korn Shell Reference
UNIX Shell Programming Bourne and Korn Shells
A Brief Introduction To C Shell Variables
UNIX Shell Scripts
Writing UNIX Scripts
Part 1: Fundamental Programming in Bash
Part 2: More Bash Programming Fundamentals
Part 3: Exploring the Ebuild System
Working the the Shell Environment
pdksh (Public Domain Korn)
Shell Script Programming
C Shell Tutorial
Shell Differences FAQ
Z-Shell FAQ
GNU Bash Reference Manual
Bourne/Bash: Shell Programming Introduction
Functions and Aliases in Bash
Introduction to Shell Scripting
The Deep, Dark Secrets of Bash
bash (GNU)
csh (C)
ksh (Korn)
sh (Bourne)
zsh (Z)
Getting the Most from Your Shell
Shell Command Language Index
UNIX Bourne Shell Programming
Features of the TCSH Shell
Improve Bash Shell Scripts Using Dialog
Extending the Bash Prompt
Shell Functions and Path Variables, Part 1
Shell Functions and Path Variables, Part 2
Shell Functions and Path Variables, Part 3



Introduction to Network Functions in C
Berkeley UNIX System Calls and Interprocess Communication
Using Internet Sockets
Beginner's Guide to Sockets
BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer
Sockets Programming in Java
Introduction to Socket Programming
An Introduction to Socket Programming
Perl and Sockets
Linux Network Programming, Part 1 - BSD Sockets



Getting Started with POSIX Threads
LinuxThreads FAQ
Part 3: Improve Efficiency with Condition Variables
Part 1: A Simple and Nimble Tool for Memory Sharing
Part 2: The Little Things Called Mutexes
Multi-Threaded Programming with POSIX Threads
Threads FAQ
Multithreaded Programming
LinuxThreads Programming
Pthreads - Overview and Manual
What is Multi-Threading?
Thread-Specific Data and Signal Handling in Multi-Threaded Applications
Introduction to Multi-Threaded Programming
POSIX Thread Libraries



vi Tutorial
elvis Manual
An Extremely Quick and Simple Introduction to the Vi Text Editor
vim Reference Manual
Mastering the vi Editor
vi FAQ - Part 1
vi FAQ - Part 2
vim Editor FAQ
vi Quick Reference and Tutorial
Revisiting VIM
The vi/ex Editor