Friends Opinion About me !!

Its purely their opinion !!!



Raghavendra: I am running out of words to explain my best friend!!
Arjun is one of the best friend of mine.
He is very rare person, whom I ever felt like trusting or sharing my feelings or views,
After coming to USA I tried exactly year to keep in contact with him, I guess this explains his importance as best friend in my life.

In matter of studies, duty, given words he is serious and disciplined like Bharadvaja Rushi an Achiever!!.

He is having lots of talents which I can’t pen, but one thing which fascinates me above all is;
From land of Kuvempu,
It’s difficult to tell weather he is “an artist in disguise of engineer or engineer in disguise of an artist” ..
His writing skills make me wish he choose to be a poet in his life, so that India could recognize him as another great poet like Kuvempu.
I am lucky man with friends like him in my life.


Suhas Aathreya..: well well well.... i was the one who wrote the first testimonal to this guy.
but i deleted it without knowing....

hmmm... to start with.. my name is suhas. suhas aathreya.. the one and only person who can totally screw this guy in this world. and i mean my words...
he is my ELDER BRO.. and i hate his punctuality. he is damn punctual...

when we stayed together i had some tough times... he used to wake me up by 5:30.. which i used to hate...
but he is so cool so sweet and attracting
who can influence any one....
totally phenomenal and an encyclopedia..

He HATES me because i pull his legsss all the time... i mean 24/7
but i dont think i have any good quality that he likes in me..

once what happened...he wrote a testimonal in which it described all me sinceour qualities.. so i declained it... he became full angry.
Hmmm last but not the least i am a totally lucky ass... because i had some quality time with him..

Shilpa: A dear friend of mine... responsible , well oraganised n an intelligent guy...

you can trust this guy anytime if u wan any help in academics... but plz if u wan to borrow some money forget about tht... not that he doesn lend u some.. but then, even if u woe him even a single pie, be ready to get reminded of it several times a day!! jokes apart..

He's someone who understands the difficulties that u gotta face in life n is practical...
very helping n caring... n one thing am really J of is, tht he's just 2 days elder to me and still has managed to finish his degree before i could and ended up as my senior!!

Note: Sometimes he acts like a MCP, doesn really like to see girls in western outfits but can go bonkers over girls traditionally dressed and who have long hair!

  Aditya: well... he's an example tht hard work pays and it pays hard.. i know him frm past 4 years.. he used to daily wake up at 5 and study.. even on sundays... imagine!!!! now he's well settled.. thanks to god and his hard work.. i'm happy for u buddy.. well he's completely moody.. once he does not wanna do r wanna do something.. no one can change tht.. he's cool.. a family man.. no bad habits.. an eligible bachelor.. learning flute these days.. ears burst wen he plays.. jus kidding.. nice to hav u as friend man..
  Ajaya: arjun..hmmmm
i have spent my most memorable days with him for 1.5yrs .. he is realy an idol for me ..
The good thing abt him is he dont have any bad habits(smk,drnk etc)like me..
he is always energentic and help full .. i think i cant explain this guy with this small text area..
last but not least
"if i born as girl i would have married him :)"