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This website is the first kind of platform to gather information of Bhandaris scattered all India. Be sure to visit every link on the website to get glimpse of various aspects of the bhandari community. Presently I am updating this website regularly so please check it once in month. We expect everybody to nourish it by sending their valuable suggestions. This website gives information about Origin (our ancestor Aryan Nomads) , Sub caste in India , Surnames, Kuldevat, Glorious history in past.

Who are Bhandaris

Bhandaris were originally Central Asian Nomadic Tribes (Pastoral Nomads) belongs to Indo-Aryan Race (Vedic Aryan). They migrated to South Asia in the period of 1500 BC to 600 BC which is called Vedic period as Vedas were composed by the Brahmins heading them who were the part of that group but change in their functions forms different castes as Brahmins. Indo-Aryans migrated from region between Caucasus Mountains and Caspian Sea to India. They settled in Western Coastline of India between Sahayadri and Arabian Sea similarly to Central Asian homeland. In India there were settlement of many group along western coastline and they engaged in maritime warfare hence called as Bhandaris.

Our ancestors were engaged in hunting for food so due to that we are strictly non-vegetarian. Also ours ancestors were staying in very very cold climate so wine making and drinking was must for survival. Hence when they reach Konkan they may have adopted wine making profession as there was demand here and abroad. Few people in Second wave of migration from Central Asia were knowing Farming hence there must be spread  of farming in Konkan but due to some geographical barriers it must not have reach Ratnagiri hence they carry on there wine making profession. Konkan (means a Land stretched from the mountains to Sea) is from Due-Daman to Kerala.

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  1. Information on Kuldevat Bhandaris in Konkan and Goa (Surname Wise)
  2. Devats, Gramdevats, Kuldevats of Bhandaris
  3. Origin of Bhandaris ( Genetics, Archeology, History, Culture, Language)
  4. OBC Reservation to our community
  5. Sub caste of Bhandaris in India
  6. "Vadhu-Var Suchak Sanstha" for Bhandari community in Mumbai, Thane District, Konkan, Goa
  7. Famous People in our bhandari community
  8. Communities staying along with Bhandaries in Konkan and Goa

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