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FastCrypt is a freeware file encryption utility.
But there is something that makes FastCrypt unique as compared to all the other encryption utilities floating around the web. Something that I always desired from an encryption utility, but was never satisfied. So one fine day I woke up and decided that I'll do it myself rather than wait for somebody else to code it. And the result is FastCrypt.
Ohh..did I forgot to tell you what this feature is !!
Well, my friends its the lightning fast speed of encryption and decryption.
FastCrypt features three different modes of encryption :
  • Express
  • Moderate
  • Strong

Encryption Modes
Express - As the name suggests, encrypts the files in the blink of an eye. It can encrypt any file within a few milli-seconds. Amazing!!!, well not really, as the brighter among you may have probably guessed it already, the Express mode gains its speed by sacrificing a bit on the security part. So if you are not paranoid enough about the security, but just want some basic encryption at lightning fast speed, this mode is just for you.

Moderate - It tries to find a balance between the Express and Strong mode. This is the default mode of FastCrypt, bringing about a blend of speed and security. This should be more than enough for most casual PC users.

Strong - This is, as the name suggests, the most secure mode of FastCrypt. Any file encrypted with this mode can not be decrypted, unless, obviously, if you know the password. Although the slowest mode of FastCrypt, it is still comparable and often faster than other similar encryption utilities.

For the curious, all the above modes of FastCrypt are implemented using the BlowFish algorithm.

Other features
No extra hard-disk space required for encrypted files - FastCrypt, unlike most other encryption utilities, does not create a separate encrypted file from the source-file. Instead the source file is overwritten. Thus you dont need extra hard-disk space when encrypting huge files. This, however, also means that it is your responsibility to make a backup of your data before encrypting it. Also the encrypted files are only a few bytes larger than the originals.

Right-Click Integration - FastCrypt can integrate itself in the right click menu, allowing you to easily encrypt the files. You can encrypt a file separately or a complete directory. When encrypting a complete directory you have the option to encrypt the sub-directories as well.

Drag-and-Drop Support - Apart from the normal file addition by the "Add Directory" & "Add Files" button and right click support, you can drag and drop files or directories directly onto the application window.

Process Subdirectories - Process all the files and subdirectories of a selected directory. Files can also be excluded depending upon their extension or removed manually from the file list.

Create Logfile - A logfile containing an account of the processing can also be generated.

Please note that the author, bh0k441, of this freeware accepts no responsibility for damages, in any form, resulting from the use of this product. This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using it.

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