French Exchange/Summer Programs
  • This is a school in Nice (in the south of France) which has a program for teenagers in July. Prices include residence, food, tours, and activities. Last summer I followed a Spanish course through the same school in Mexico.

  • Summer program in the south of France... near Monaco.

  • This Canadian program allows you to work in a francophone area of Canada. You are paid and given a job for the summer. (must be 16)
  • Learn French in the south of France.

  • This program allows you to get your FSF4U credit. “Experience and live the language and culture in Paris and the South of France where we will spend the entire month improving and refining your French language skills.”

  • Summer program in Paris where you get your FSF4U or FEF4U (extended French ) credit.

  • A program for teens in Quebec City. It is possible to get a bursary through myexplore.

  • Program in Quebec where you can either stay in a residence or in homestay. It is possible to combine French learning with other activities such as horseback riding, tennis and golf!

  • Study program in Montreal.

Has programs for teenagers in many countries. For French they have the option of Canada, France, Monaco or Switzerland.

  • This program enables you to get a bursary to attend many summer French programs in Canada for teens. The deadline is in February.