Fall 2016
    Schedule of Upcoming Seminars:    
  • October 19 - Mark Medwid
  • October 26 - Serge Phanzu
  • November 2 - Todd Romutis
  • November 9 - Dave Walmsley
  • November 16 - Jordan Bounds
  • November 30 - Logan Opperman
  • December 7 - Sam Carolus
        Wednesday, October 19
        1:30 - 2:20 PM
        459 MSC
        Speaker: Mark Medwid
        Title: Limits of Sequences of Metric Spaces
        Abstract: In this talk we first develop a notion of a metric between compact metric spaces, the Gromov-Hausdorff distance. This naturally leads to the idea of a limit of a sequence of metric spaces. We will discuss some applications and basic theory before moving on to the more general concept of ultrafilters, 
ultraproducts,  ultralimits and the asymptotic cone of a metric space X. These concepts have surprising and "exciting" applications to group theory. 

        Wednesday, October 26
        1:30 - 2:20 PM
        459 MSC
        Speaker: Serge Phanzu
        Title: The Approximation Problem
        Abstract: The approximation problem is a well known problem of functional analysis (Grothendieck 1955). It asks to determine whether every compact operator T from a Banach space X to a Banach space Y is the uniform operator topology of a sequence of operators with finite rank. This question was answered in the negative by Enflo (1973), who provided a deep counterexample to this problem. 

Past Seminars:

News:  Like spring 2016, the fall 2016 semester is a talk free-for-all: anyone may give a talk on any topic, as long as it relates to Math & Stats in some way. Even if it doesn't relate to math or stats, as long as it's given by a grad student, it's probably fine. Contact Dave Walmsley (byrned@bgsu.edu), Mark Medwid (mmedwid@bgsu.edu), or Jake Laubacher (jlaubac@bgsu.edu) if you would like to give a talk! 

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