Fall 2016
    Schedule of Upcoming Seminars:   
  • August 31 - John Haman and James Munyon
  • September 7 - Jake Laubacher
  • September 14 - Paul Schrader
  • September 21 - Kevin Stoll
  • September 28 - Sam Hokamp
  • October 5 - Garrett Ebbers
  • October 12 - Tom Tuberson
  • October 19 - Mark Medwid
  • October 26 - Serge Phanzu
  • November 2 - Todd Romutis
  • November 9 - Dave Walmsley
  • November 16 - Jordan Bounds
  • November 30 - Logan Opperman
  • December 7 - Sam Carolus
        Wednesday, August 31
        1:30 - 2:20 PM
        459 MSC
        Title: Graduate Internships in Math and Stats
        Speakers: John Haman and James Munyon
        Abstract: We will talk about our experiences applying for internships in statistics and working at our respective jobs. We intend to address some of the challenges at work, the skills that we found to be useful from graduate school, and some resources that were useful for obtaining a good internship program. We hope to convince more graduate students to consider summer internships and to ease the process of finding an internship.

Past Seminars:

News:  Like spring 2016, the fall 2016 semester is a talk free-for-all: anyone may give a talk on any topic, as long as it relates to Math & Stats in some way. Even if it doesn't relate to math or stats, as long as it's given by a grad student, it's probably fine. Contact Dave Walmsley (byrned@bgsu.edu), Mark Medwid (mmedwid@bgsu.edu), or Jake Laubacher (jlaubac@bgsu.edu) if you would like to give a talk! 

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