Spring 2017
    Schedule of Upcoming Seminars:    
  • January 10 at 2:30 pm in MSC 459. Organizational meeting.
  • January 20 -- David Walmsley
  • January 27 -- Mark Medwid
  • February 3 -- Jake Laubacher
  • February 10 -- Garrett Ebbers
  • February 17 -- Luke Dechow
  • February 24 -- Serge Phanzu
  • March 3 -- James Munyon
  • March 17 -- Andrea Alt
  • March 24 -- Nick Papalia
  • March 31-- Sam Carolus
  • April 7 -- Raju Bhusal 
Friday, January 20
11:30 am - 12:20 pm
304 MSC
Speaker: David Walmsley
Title: Advice on Applying for Academic Jobs
Abstract: A good number of BGSU graduate students will end up applying for jobs in academia. I'll discuss the job application process, how to present a strong case for yourself, and discuss what interviewing is like. I'll also provide some helpful articles that delve deeper into these topics.

Friday, January 27
11:30 am - 12:20 pm
304 MSC
Speaker: Mark Medwid
Title: Gromov Hyperbolicity
Abstract: In this talk we'll discuss what it means for a space to be hyperbolic (in the sense of Gromov), or spaces that have triangles that are "thin" in some precise sense. We will discuss some basic geometric properties of these spaces, as this notion of hyperbolicity is used frequently in geometric group theory.  

Past Seminars:

News:  Like fall 2016, the spring 2017 semester is a talk free-for-all: anyone may give a talk on any topic, as long as it relates to Math & Stats in some way. Even if it doesn't relate to math or stats, as long as it's given by a grad student, it's probably fine. Contact Dave Walmsley (byrned@bgsu.edu), Mark Medwid (mmedwid@bgsu.edu), or Jake Laubacher (jlaubac@bgsu.edu) if you would like to give a talk! 

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