Spring 2017
    Schedule of Upcoming Seminars:   
  • February 17 -- Luke Dechow
  • February 24 -- Serge Phanzu
  • March 3 -- James Munyon
  • March 17 -- Andrea Alt
  • March 24 -- Nick Papalia
  • March 31-- Sam Carolus
  • April 7 -- Raju Bhusal

Friday, February 17
11:30 am - 12:20 pm
304 MSC
Speaker: Luke Dechow
Title: A Brief Introduction to Some Historically Important Groups
Abstract: For a few select groups, we'll discuss the questions, problems, or conjectures that brought rise to them, their constructions and/or presentations, and some important properties they have or applications they're used in (along with whatever else I feel like). Slight tangents may be made into coding theory, Moufang loops, or current problems in group theory.

Friday, February 24
11:30 am - 12:20 pm
304 MSC
Speaker: Serge Phanzu
Title: The Poincaré Inequality
Abstract: The Poincaré Inequality is a result in the theory of Sobolev spaces, named after the French mathematician Henry Poincaré. The inequality allows one to obtain bounds on a function using bounds on its derivatives and the geometry of its domain of definition.

Past Seminars:

News:  Like fall 2016, the spring 2017 semester is a talk free-for-all: anyone may give a talk on any topic, as long as it relates to Math & Stats in some way. Even if it doesn't relate to math or stats, as long as it's given by a grad student, it's probably fine. Contact Dave Walmsley (byrned@bgsu.edu), Mark Medwid (mmedwid@bgsu.edu), or Jake Laubacher (jlaubac@bgsu.edu) if you would like to give a talk!