Spring 2017
    Schedule of Upcoming Seminars:    
  • April 28 -- John Haman
Friday, April 28
11:30 am - 12:20 pm
304 MSC
Speaker: John Haman
Title: Bayesian Modeling in Political Science
Abstract: Rich Americans tend to vote Republican, but rich states swing Democrat. Conversely, poor Americans tend to vote Democrat, but poor states are often won by Republicans. I will talk about using statistical inference to examine the effect of income on political opinion, and how to reconcile these patterns. 

Past Seminars:

News:  Like fall 2016, the spring 2017 semester is a talk free-for-all: anyone may give a talk on any topic, as long as it relates to Math & Stats in some way. Even if it doesn't relate to math or stats, as long as it's given by a grad student, it's probably fine. Contact Dave Walmsley (byrned@bgsu.edu), Mark Medwid (mmedwid@bgsu.edu), or Jake Laubacher (jlaubac@bgsu.edu) if you would like to give a talk!