Cold Weather

As we head into the fall and winter months the weather might be a bit chilly for those early morning runs.  Make sure you dress warmly, but don’t over do it.  Here are a few tips from Stephen M. Pribut, DPM: 

Cold is relative. A chilly relative at that. Within reason, at moderate temperatures, what is cold for one person may not be cold for another. And of course, if you are sitting still watching an event rather than participating in the event, it is quite a different experience. You should think of yourself as being 20 degrees warmer when running in contrast to just standing still. In most cases dressing for that estimated warmer temperature will work well.

Layering will go a long way in helping you stay warm. Up to 25% or more of your body heat may be lost from your head, so wearing a hat is important. Wool tube hats are perfect for the chilly temperatures. Gloves are helpful also. Keeping your body as dry as possible will allow your clothes to act as a better insulator and keep you more comfortable. This is another one of many reasons for which we still recommend wickable layers. The inner layer should be a synthetic wickable fiber such as coolmax, thermax or other synthetic.

Temperature Based Recommendations  
Moderately Cold (40 - 60 Degrees)   One layer is probably adequate. This layer may range from a singlet, tee-shirt, long sleeved tee shirt, or sweat shirt plus shorts. Wickable fibers are always recommended. At slower speeds you'll want more clothes and may decide to use two layers. Lycra lightweight tights will be helpful at the low end of the scale and an optional hat also at the low end.