Our lab is under renovation and opens again on Feb. 15.

    • 4 sound-free chambers
    • Virus injection facility with isolated air-conditioning
    • Semi-SPF conventional mouse facility: 5 clean lacks with 350 isolated air-conditioned cages
    • Brand-new imaging facilities: Endoscopes, High speed con-focal microscope, Slide scanner, etc.
    • AI-based behavioral analysis facility: MIDAS, ABATAR 3.0
    • Really big laser color printer and new coffee machine in residence area

Feb. 2. 2019 Prof. Kim, The 10 Best Research Award at KAIST.

Feb. 1. 2019 Prof. Kim, elected as the chairman of the department of Biological Sciences.

Feb. 1. 2019 Dr. Segun Park has left our laboratory for his postdoctoral research at University Washington (Dr. R. Palmiter's lab).

Nov. 31. 2018 Dr. Minju Jeong has visited UCSF for collaborative works (Dr. Byungkook Lim's lab)

Nov. 27. 2018 Prof. Kim, the KI Fusion Research Award, The KAIST Institute.

Jun. 22. 2018 Our research is highlighted in Nature Index

May. 20.2018 Dr. Minju Jeong, the Junior Researcher fund from NRF ($45,000/year for next two years)

Mar. 20.2018 Dr. Dea-Gun Kim, the GCORE grant from KAIST ($900,000/yr for the next two years)

Dec. 14, 2017 Our study on the circuit-based mechanism of hunting behavior by Se-Guen Park et. al is accepted in Nature Neuroscience

Aug. 31, 2017 A new paper on "Thalamic mechanism of Parkinson disease" is published in Neuron:

Highlights in media

Sep. 20.2017 Shinjeong Lee won 'the Global Ph.D. Scholarship' from the National Research Foundation (NRF)

May. 5. 2017 Dr. Youngsoo Kim won 'Travel award' from the International Beahvioral and Neural Genetics Society (IBANGS)

Mar. 1, 2017 Prof. Daesoo Kim won 'the 2017 Samil Prize of Science' from the Samil Foundation,

Feb.27.2017 Yongcheol Jeong won 'the Medytox scholarship' from Medytox Inc.

Oct.20.2016 Anna Shin won 'the Global Ph.D. Scholarship' from the National Research Foundation (NRF)

Jan. 20, 2016, Prof. Daesoo Kim talked on "A Neural Switch for Being Happy with Less on a Crowded Planet" at the World Econimic Forum 2016 (DAVOS, swiss)