SuperWarrior Browser

By B.Gautham

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Auto Refresh

Auto Refresh allows you to refresh the page you are viewing automatically after a specified interval.

Refresh IntelligenceNEW checks for new versions of the page and then refreshes only the updated parts of the page.


SuperWarrior Browser has an integrated Search which is part of the NavigatorNEW.

You get to search with the popular search engines: Google, Yahoo! Search and MSN Search.

Multiple Browsing

There are two types of Multiple Browsing in SuperWarrior Browser:

          InWindow Browsing:NEW

          Browse multiple pages in their individual windows inside the main
          window at once.

          Tab Browsing:
          Browse multiple pages in the main window with a Tabs Panel to
          navigate among different pages.

Quick Access

Quick Access allows you to store your favorite pages in an exportable list with a single click.

Desktop Item

Desktop Item allows you to keep webpages as objects on your desktop.

Desktop Items are started automatically when the Operating System start.

Evolver - GrayNEW

Evolver - Gray provides SuperWarrior Browser a compact GUI and a new Singled ToolbarNEW.

The Singled Toolbar is a simplified version of the whole collection of bars present in the Old Classic Skin.

The Singled Toolbar is the only bar in SuperWarior Browser which contains Shortcut Icons and the NavigatorNEW.

Browsing by address, Title, Status, Progress and Searching the Internet is all done and shown in the Navigator.