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By B.Gautham

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Browse Many from One

'inWindow Browsing' is a completely new feature coming in SuperWarrior Browser 1.17 BETA.

This allows you to browse multiple pages in individual windows within the main window.

Be up to date

I have added an 'Auto Update' feature which downloads the latest version of SuperWarrior Browser available automatically.

You don't have to check for new versions here after

Refreshing has evolved

I have included another new feature, 'Refresh Intelligence' for Auto Refresh. This new feature first checks for new versions of the page and then refreshes only the updated parts of the page if it has to.

This feature does not work for sites which do not update their update timings. You will have to disable Refresh Intelligence using the Preferences window to refresh these sites.

The New Skin

'Evolution - Gray' is the new skin I designed - more over a redesign of the whole GUI. But, the old classic skin still remains.

The most important feature of Evolution is its compact GUI. You get a single Action Button instead of multiple buttons. You can customize the Singled Toolbar completely - No more headaches of positioning of toolbars. There is a new GUI for the Quick Access and the menu does not disappear when you click Delete Page - It was a really huge bug.

But, the only problem is, the new skin does not work in old computers. Don't worry, you can still use the Classic skin.