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My village lies in Gulmi district,Nepal. The headquarter of Gulmi district is Tamghas. Tamghas is connected to the popular city Butwal by a gravel road. The road is 112 km long. One of the oldest cities of Nepal,Tansen, lies on the same road 79 km far from Tamghas. My village,Amarpur is 25 km west of Tamghas.


If someone asks "which district is famous for coffee production?",the answer will be Gulmi.Amarpur is one of the 79 villages of Gulmi district. It lies in third region of Gulmi. An earthen road links my village with Tamghas. The road is seasonal and bus facility is available in non monsoon season. Our village is famous for red soil in all over the district. The ground of our village,Bulma,is so large that there are hardly other grounds in Gulmi larger than this.

The village is at a height ranging from 800 to 1000m with referencce to mean sea level. It is bounded by river on nearly all sides with a peak at its center. It is really different from other villages and is very beautiful. The chaurasi PHAANT,a very productive land in the nearby locality, lies in our village.

There are one secondary and five primary schools in my village. At my time ,there was only primary school in my village.

Currently, government has come up with the policy of community electrification with a famous scheme known as 80-20 (ie. 80% by govt. and 20% by community). Once I heard this news, I became very much excited. As I know the severe development hunger of the people in my area, I initiated to inform, convince and pressure my family and neighbhours for this opprotunity. Currently, we are working in this direction. Let's hope we will be grid connected soon. How nice the country would be if all villages and/or child of village grab such opportunities!