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Name: King
Species: Bengal Tiger, Panthera tigris tigris
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Date of birth: September 2006
Relatives: Lanie
Transfers: Zoo in Louisiana (birth to December 8, 2006)
                       Busch Gardens Africa (December 8, 2006-current)
King and his sister, Lanie, were born at a zoo in Louisiana in June 2006. When the zoo needed to give them away, Busch Gardens accepted the two. They arrived at Busch Gardens Africa on December 8, 2006, at six months of age. The pair were on display at the Nairobi Field Station (now Jambo Junction) until Jungala was built. Both tigers made appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

In 2007, the two were introduced to Bala and Bhutan, who were around their same age. The cubs were raised together so that they could go on exhibit with each other.

King was first put on exhibit with Lanie, Bala, and Bhutan, when Jungala opened in April 2008. King is a more submissive male, while Bhutan is more dominant. However, the two get along well and are often on exhibit together. His willingness to let Bhutan take charge may be in part simply because his personality is less serious and more carefree and goofy.
How to Identify:
King has a thick "~" like sign over his right eye. His eye patches are more "line-like," as opposed to large shapes.

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