"Let’s say a spaceship lands next to you on the coffee table (does size matter?) and inside is  The Universal Book of
Everything. And you get to ask one question. What is that question?" -  William Arntz

    Welcome to the Science Department at Bellows Falls Union High School. Our goal as a department is to teach students to problem solve and think critically by asking those great questions to enable success. What good is knowledge if you never take the time to  ask why? BFUHS currently offers a wide range of courses taught by talented teachers with diverse backgrounds and interesting life experiences. The science department is in no way a static entity, but a distinct dimple in the fabric of space-time. 

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School Phone # 802-463-3944

                       Michael Norkun                         email            Ext.234

                               Susan Steiner                              email            Ext.257

                               Kristin Gottschalk                    email            Ext.226

                               Jason Arrow                                email            Ext.237

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